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2012-04-23 amitaibuIssue #1542314 by Amitaibu: Prevent notice if extension...
2012-02-08 CZÖVEK AndrásAdding file dependency
2012-02-01 CZÖVEK AndrásChange move_uploaded_file to drupal_move_uploaded_file... 7.x-1.0
2012-02-01 CZÖVEK AndrásWhat were these files doing here?
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2011-04-18 Czövek AndrásIssue #1116884 by czigor: a small mfw.js change master
2011-04-05 Czövek AndrásMerge branch '1116674-jQuery-extension-check'
2011-04-05 Czövek AndrásFixed Issue #1116674-jQuery extension check
2011-04-05 Czövek AndrásIssue #1116674 by czigor: Fixed managed_file and mfw_ma...
2011-04-04 Czövek AndrásInitial commit.
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