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2010-02-17 Alexander Ross#6661528 - fixing minor typo
2008-04-07 Ashok ModiDev version of 6.x code
2008-03-28 Jeff Warringtonmore menu and form title and description improvements.
2008-03-28 Jeff Warrington#232407 status message not set if content is removed...
2008-03-28 Jeff Warrington#148277 banning does not end user session.
2008-03-27 Jeff WarringtonImproved documentation and menu and form title and...
2008-03-26 Jeff WarringtonAdded in menu item description and improved menu item...
2008-03-26 Jeff Warringtonabuse moderation menu items are not cached but they...
2008-03-25 Jeff Warrington147643 fixed issue with multiple forms with same form...
2008-03-17 Jeff WarringtonFixed case where warn and allow would not work when...
2008-03-17 Jeff Warrington#200356 Setup separate permissions for administering...
2008-03-17 Jeff Warrington#172581 partial fix for anonymous users flagging anonym...
2008-03-17 Jeff Warringtonupdated module names to conform to Drupal capitalizatio...
2008-03-17 Jeff Warrington#143524 Fix sentence capitalization per Drupal coding...
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