2009-06-03 salvisUpdate version number in changelog. 6.x-1.0
2009-06-03 salvis#243073: Update Swedish translation and add .pot file...
2009-05-09 Magnus Gunnarsson#243073 by seals: Updated Swedish translation and added...
2009-04-29 salvisUpdate history and version number. 6.x-1.0-rc1
2009-02-20 salvis#371446: Use priority for the 'deny' grant, too, report...
2009-02-08 salvisAdd newlines.
2009-02-08 salvis#369918: Add German translation, by Eikaa.
2009-01-29 salvisUpdate history and version number. 6.x-1.0-beta4
2009-01-27 salvisFix comments.
2009-01-27 salvisFactor out form code into .inc file.
2009-01-25 salvisImplement/enable grant priority.
2009-01-21 salvisAdd new acl_get_uids() function.
2009-01-03 salvisFix upgrade path from D5 (change acl_id column to auto_... 6.x-1.0-beta3
2008-10-16 salvisUpdate history and version number. 6.x-1.0-beta2
2008-10-16 salvisUpdate version number.
2008-10-03 Wolfgang Zieglerfixed the acl form to work correctly when integrated...
2008-07-21 salvisFix cosmetic coder issues (no functional change).
2008-04-28 salvis#243073: Add Swedish translation, by seals.
2008-04-28 salvisImprove hook_node_access_explain().
2008-03-30 salvis#135687: Implement grant priority.
2008-03-29 salvis#229451: Allow acl_edit_form() without pre-created...
2008-03-13 salvisImplement hook_user('delete') and remove orphaned ...
2008-03-12 salvis#232413: Fix error message when removing the last moder...
2008-03-10 salvis#231096: Implement hook_nodeapi('delete') and remove...
2008-02-12 salvisD6 Port ready for testing.
2008-01-23 salvisFix index conflict.
2008-01-23 salvisMake the embeddable form work.
2008-01-19 salvisNew hook_node_access_explain() to help debugging with...
2008-01-02 salvisAdd missing hook_theme (part of porting to D6).
2008-01-02 salvisPorted to D6.
2007-12-30 salvisCopied from DRUPAL-5--1-5.
2006-11-11 Earl Miles97023: acl.install for PGSQL, thanks Nugget
2006-10-07 Earl MilesMinor updates to text 5.x-1.0
2006-10-07 Earl MilesTheoretically working for 5.0 now
2006-10-07 Earl MilesInitial checkin -- intended for 5.0 -- does not yet...