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last changeTue, 25 Mar 2014 12:37:20 +0000
2014-03-25 jmburnzadd new branding logos, fix touch icon description... 7.x-3.x
2014-03-22 jmburnznew screenshots with new green branding 7.x-3.2
2014-03-20 jmburnzdisabled click outside close for menu toggles
2014-03-13 podarokadd extra check for empty output in theme status message
2014-01-21 jmburnzadd jQuery ui-widget selector to default font generatio...
2014-01-15 mshepherdprevent empty message div from printing
2014-01-15 jmburnzmodify breakpoints to better account for generally...
2014-01-12 jmburnzchange alterations to subtheme info during drush theme...
2014-01-12 jmburnzremove .js.orig broken patch file
2014-01-12 grugnogadd context to menu toggle js
2014-01-12 nielsonmadd check for plugin cache data and fix drupal static...
2014-01-12 jmburnzconvert user manu block user name title feature to...
2014-01-12 DevinCarlsonadd hover button styles
2014-01-12 jmburnzremove incorrect documentation in stylesheets, this...
2014-01-12 jmburnzfix incorrect settings in menu toggle form
2014-01-12 jmburnzfix incorrect documentation for printing debugging...
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