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2013-11-24 Josh The GeekFix linebreaks 6.x-3.x 6.x-3.4
2013-11-24 Josh The GeekBetter coding style in JS
2013-11-24 Josh The GeekDon't add JS if the user doesn't have access
2011-04-14 Josh OldenburgIssue #1127530 by Josh The Geek, ejohnson: Fixed use...
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-01-18 Josh Oldenburg#1012086 followup by Josh The Geek: Fix bug with links.
2011-01-18 Josh OldenburgMake css work. 6.x-3.3
2011-01-17 Josh Oldenburg#1012738 by Josh The Geek: Fix incompatibility with...
2011-01-12 Josh OldenburgAdd linebreak.
2011-01-12 Josh OldenburgAdd readme.
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgWorked on docs. Also, remove escapes from amd.module.
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgFix path in link to help.
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgImplement l(). Also, add a link to the help page on...
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgFix JS indentation to conform with coding standards.
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgFilled in hook_help.
2011-01-10 Josh OldenburgAdd hook_help template. Im going to work on adding...
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