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2014-03-04 Dave ReidIssue #2209665: Fixed incorrect parameter passed to... 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.5
2014-03-01 Dave ReidFollow-up #2172463: Fixed URLs of settings page in... 7.x-1.4
2014-03-01 Dave ReidRemoved CHANGELOG.txt. Pain to maintain and cherry...
2014-03-01 LPCAIssue #2172463 by lpalgarvio: Moved settings page to...
2014-03-01 Dave ReidFixed function modue_exists() does not exist. Oops.
2014-03-01 Dave ReidIssue #2085211 by jlyon, Dave Reid, Deciphered: Added...
2014-03-01 Dave ReidMoved all the callbacks into the main module file....
2014-03-01 Dave ReidMoved and cleand up admin_select_admin_menu_output_alte...
2014-03-01 Dave ReidMoved admin form submit callback to admin_select.admin...
2014-03-01 Dave ReidMoved core hooks from files that would need to be inclu...
2014-03-01 Dave ReidIssue #2017187 by rooby, klonos: Cleaned up info file.
2013-11-12 Brian GilbertUpdate changelog
2013-11-12 rooby#1334382 by rooby: Add documentation, set weights to...
2013-11-12 roobyClean variables on uninstall
2012-06-30 Dave ReidIssue #1620988: Fixed admin_select_suppress() was an... 7.x-1.3
2011-10-19 Stuart ClarkFixed selectbox default.
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