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2013-03-08 sun- #1793074 by sun: Updated for .info files converted... 8.x-1.x
2012-08-31 sunChanged module package into Administration.
2012-07-27 sunFixed wrapping test case class names (labels) make...
2012-07-11 sunAdded further reasons for prepending the test selection...
2012-07-10 sunFixed selected tests are not recorded upon fatal errors...
2012-07-01 sunDX: Output the class name instead of the test label.
2012-05-27 sunRemoved test and test module.
2011-12-18 sunAdded one-click execution of test case via JavaScript.
2011-07-09 sunby sun: Added expanding of most recent test group by...
2011-07-07 sunUpdated for Drupal 8.
2011-06-25 sunby sun: Added duplication of SimpleTest "Run tests...
2011-06-13 sunby sun: Added automatic clearing of test environment...
2011-06-13 sunby sun: Added SimpleTest recently used groups separation.
2011-06-13 sunby sun: Added initial baseline of module files.
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