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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2008-01-20 Sergiusz Pawlowicz- third part of polish translation.
2008-01-19 Sergiusz Pawlowicz- second part of polish translation.
2008-01-19 Sergiusz Pawlowicz- first part of polish translation.
2007-10-07 ChrisKennedy#102139 by me: Provide upgrade path from poll.module.
2006-12-25 ChrisKennedy#101649: division by zero error in
2006-12-08 ChrisKennedySwitch package from Voting to Voting API per Eaton...
2006-11-29 ChrisKennedy#99252 Cast votes using Ajax; refactor some results...
2006-11-28 AndersNew structural change (not the last..) of the javascrip...
2006-11-28 ChrisKennedy#98992 - server-side (formapi) support for dynamic...
2006-11-28 ChrisKennedy#93788 - preliminary (untested) postgresql support...
2006-11-28 ChrisKennedy#100098 - first stab at a startdate for polls
2006-11-26 AndersCapitalization fixes to be consistent with Drupal core...
2006-11-26 ChrisKennedyCategorize in "Voting" package due to VotingAPI dependency
2006-11-25 Anders"Remove" link added for each choice on the edit page...
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