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2013-10-21 Alejandro GarzaFix #1491068 by @Daemon_Byte: incompatible with jquery... master
2013-10-21 Alejandro GarzaFix #2089941 by @mpp: Package contains apachesolr_stats...
2013-03-29 Alejandro Garza[#1956594] fix stopwords.txt request
2012-10-04 Alejandro GarzaFix #1627152 by @batigolix, @elBradford, @jitse: Improv...
2012-08-29 Alejandro GarzaAdded check_plain() to keys 7.x-1.3
2011-11-23 Alejandro GarzaFixed #1203772: added admin option to show/hide counts...
2011-11-23 Alejandro GarzaChanged .info file with proper package
2011-08-19 Alejandro GarzaIssue 1117792: Error in classes after updating latest... 7.x-1.2
2011-03-21 Alejandro Garza[#1098386] by sdrycroft
2011-03-02 Alejandro Garza#1078246 by Dale Baldwin: Added Change width so that...
2011-02-28 Alejandro GarzaRevert "Removed extra whitespace in README. Just testin... issue-1068686
2011-02-28 Alejandro Garza#1068686 by benoit.borrel: Added Make keywords and...
2011-02-28 Alejandro GarzaRemoved extra whitespace in README. Just testing out...
2011-02-28 Alejandro GarzaLocal commit.
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
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