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last changeSun, 16 Oct 2011 18:56:38 +0000
2011-10-16 Andrew BerryChrome requires a more explicit content type. 7.x-1.x
2011-10-16 Andrew BerryRemove leftover debugging statement.
2011-10-05 Andrew BerryAdd directions for including the manifest in a page.
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryREADMEs are worthwhile to have.
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryOnly load outside links in Safari if installed as a...
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryUninstall the endpoint variable.
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryFix line numbers being off by one.
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryAdd hooks to allow other modules to provide appcache...
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryRefactor manifest validation into it's own function.
2011-10-03 Andrew BerryValidate the generated cache manifest with manifest...
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryAdd an option to create a default manifest to cache...
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryAdd a default fallback page.
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryClear the cached manifest version when updating manifes...
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryAdd the page callback to build the manifest file.
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryUninstall our variables.
2011-10-02 Andrew BerryAdd initial settings form for appcache sections.
2 years ago 7.x-1.x