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last changeWed, 22 Sep 2010 06:41:33 +0000
2010-09-22 JohnAlbin#481656: Block top border incorrectly displayed on... master
2010-09-21 JohnAlbinRemove underline from contextual link styling.
2010-09-21 JohnAlbinFix menu styling so it doesn't apply to admin toolbar...
2010-09-21 JohnAlbinRearrange CSS in pages and blocks.css; also fix bug...
2010-09-16 JohnAlbinUpdate stylesheets with classes used for titles in D7.
2010-09-15 JohnAlbinRemove search styling since D7 form has no label.
2010-09-15 JohnAlbinRemove block-editing.css since D7 has contextual links.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinAdd updated screenshot for Austin.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinReplace $unpublished variable since it was removed...
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinRemove austin_form_element() since D7 form labels don...
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinRemove extra comments from template.php.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinSync theme_breadcrumb with D7 core.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinMove body classes from preprocess_page to preprocess_html.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinSync comment.tpl with Zen 3.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinSynce node.tpl with Zen 3.
2010-09-14 JohnAlbinRemove feed-icons wrapper div.
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