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last changeTue, 3 Dec 2013 10:01:13 +0000
2013-12-03 Alex DicianuProper format for total price and non required field 7.x-3.x 7.x-3.0
2013-11-29 dicixApplied quantity patch
2013-11-20 Alex DicianuReplace order button text, from Save to Submit order 7.x-3.x-test-branch
2013-11-20 Alex DicianuFixing total price for multilanguage.
2013-11-20 Alex DicianuAdded context tokens, instead of global ones.
2013-11-20 Alex DicianuCreated 7.x-3.x branch
2013-11-20 Alex DicianuAdded add to cart button for all products, when enablin...
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuPutting some code back. I was wrong
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuFixed add to cart link for older products
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuFixed missing add to cart link
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuUpdate function
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuFeatures export
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuUpdate 7202
2013-11-18 Alex DicianuAddedsettings form for add to cart button
2013-11-15 Alex DicianuAdded thank you page, some code cleanup
2013-11-11 Alex DicianuAdded token instead of custom str_replace
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2 years ago 7.x-1.1-alpha1
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