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13 hours ago Phil DoddIssue #2072245 by tripper54: add checkbox to refresh... 7.x-2.x
14 hours ago Phil DoddIssue #2083125 by tripper54: add option to exclude...
32 hours ago Phil DoddIssue #2081071: updated readme to warn about global...
5 days ago Phil DoddIssue #1300164 by cfmcoder: support multilingual path...
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5 days ago Phil Doddremoved duplication of settings form
5 days ago Phil DoddIssue #2083013 by tripper54: Add options to bypass... 7.x-2.0-beta1
5 days ago Phil DoddIssue #1272556 by tripper54: Panels support
6 days ago Phil DoddIssue #1613388 by yuruy.babenko: incorrect dependencies...
2014-01-09 jlscottissue #2170633 by jlscot: block refresh fails if unders...
2013-11-04 Phil Doddbug fix: block form submission handler
2013-11-03 Phil DoddIssue #1719314 by Niremizov : Overlay and Block Refresh
2013-11-03 Phil DoddIssue #881046 by New Zeal,Andybody : Block Refresh...
2013-11-03 Phil Doddremoved unnecessary files lines from info file
2013-11-03 Phil DoddIssue #2106249 by tripper54,k.skarlatos: Escape charact...
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