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2005-02-13 grantbow* Updated blogroll documentation.
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2005-01-31 grantbowAdded blogroll "community blogroll" and admin/settings...
2005-01-30 ahynes1@yahoo.comUpdated to take advantage of weighting in the script...
2005-01-29 grantbow* Added editing of personal blogrolls and weights....
2005-01-11 grantbowAdded the use of the weight values, still need to add...
2005-01-11 grantbowfix
2005-01-11 grantbowUpdated README.txt, added blogroll.pgsql (untested...
2005-01-09 grantbowUpdated blogroll README.txt
2005-01-04 ahynes1@yahoo.comUpdated to support remote scripts
2005-01-04 grantbowupdated blogroll's INSTALL and README
2005-01-01 grantbowAdded some explanatory text to blogroll editing page.
2004-12-29 grantbowFirst checkin for blogroll module/project.
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