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last changeFri, 26 Nov 2010 19:14:28 +0000
2010-11-26 Larry GarfieldStart on more unit tests... master
2010-10-25 Larry GarfieldFix result caching.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldFix stupid bug in request unit tests.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldFlesh out interfaces.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldAdd more tests for the request object.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldFix typo in header requesting.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldImprove docblocks.
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldRemove dud magic functions that we're not actually...
2010-10-20 Larry GarfieldMore file permission changes. I don't know why Git...
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldLots of documentation and @todos.
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldUse mocked request object for unit tests.
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldRefactor context handlers to proper interface and base...
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldAdd the ability to lock butler objects. Includes lots...
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldAllow parameters for context handlers so they can be...
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldSwitch to proper handling for GET and POST in the reque...
2010-10-18 Larry GarfieldAdd proper test class for basic registration.
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