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last changeTue, 25 Sep 2012 22:55:31 +0000
2012-09-25 arlinsandbulteIssue #1792368 by rdela, Day template missing % after... 7.x-3.x
2012-05-19 Karen StevensonUpdate CHANGELOG.txt 7.x-3.4
2012-05-18 Karen StevensonIssue #1552212, Week numbers in the month view lost...
2012-05-18 Karen StevensonRemove calendar_row_node completely.
2012-05-18 Karen StevensonRemove Calendar iCal module.
2012-05-18 Karen StevensonChange default tracking behavior to be off.
2012-05-18 Karen StevensonIssue #1556180 by hass, Error: Strict warning: Declarat...
2012-05-18 Karen Stevenson#1588590, Cannot always unset date link once set.
2012-04-09 Karen StevensonMake sure all day items in multiday row get the multida...
2012-05-13 Karen StevensonThe day view needs multiday handling as well as month...
2012-05-13 Karen Stevenson#1565994 Remove default caching from calendar. Let...
2012-04-30 Karen StevensonUpdate CHANGELOG.txt 7.x-3.3
2012-04-30 Karen StevensonDelete all the code used to remove default calendars...
2012-04-30 Karen StevensonIssue #1543930 by johnv, Fix taxonomy stripe settings...
2012-04-30 Karen StevensonFix wrong use of new definition CALENDAR_EMPTY_STRIPE.
2012-04-30 Karen StevensonMove session tracking option to be a global option...
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