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[project/cck.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
3CCK 6.2-dev
1a7810c0 5
c21d8aa7 6- #321024 Add content_associate_fields() to the content_check_update() function because it can get skipped when updates are aborted or the content module is not yet updated.
e23be7d0 7- Fix bad logic in testing content version variable to prevent warning messages before content module is updated.
37916f9a 8- #300368 Add option on Display fields screen to omit fields or groups from the $content value passed to the node template.
9- Get rid of t() around Views field label since Views already has it marked as a translatable option.
10- #285470 by jhuckabee, store field label in the view in all cases, previously only custom labels were stored.
ca9d8ff7 11- #266309 by abbasmousavi, change silent fix to error message for invalid input into number fields.
099f75d6 12- #318224 by brmassa, error in Content Copy handling of fieldgroups.
876a5b2c 13- #198508 Add messages to Manage fields screen about inactive fields.
67c9a308 14- #320743 Revert group names uniqueness rules as per D5 behavior (group names unique only inside content types).
ce88de23 15- #310219 followup : numeric (core) rendering modes were not preserved in some cases.
9e7e2ad8 16- Fix 'unknown index' warnings on fieldgroups settings pages.
7c2ef3d0 17- #320139 by Moonshine - Noderef / Userref: Fix single-quotes encoding in 'Views' mode with option widgets.
92e720d3 18- #318143 by Douggreen - Panels integration: make widget label translatable.
c69c20c4 19- #321147 Views integration: float/decimal filters round values to integers.
f56a59dd 20- #321702 Views integration: fix rendering of multiple-values formatters.
22CCK 6.2-rc10
88741c1b 25- Get rid of helper function content_is_updated(), we can do it better using the content version variable.
edfa3660 26- #318224 by brmassa, fix several errors in Content Copy.
2a092728 27- #318387 Make sure old fieldgroup updates don't run if tables were never created.
ee6daf56 28- #318227 Clean up update abort logic to more clearly explain what still needs to be done, add a helper function to prevent dangerous database operations until database is updated.
172281af 29- #317232 Change css file name from content.css to content-module.css to avoid namespace collisions.
3df4c3bb 30- #316656 Default weight must be zero, not NULL, or form ordering will be incorrect.
87c86cf8 31- #107407 by dopry, optimization patch, do nothing in hook_form_alter() and hook_nodeapi() if there are no fields.
32- #317932 Fix userreference documentation typo.
34CCK 6.2-rc9
b3097280 37- Change update instructions to recommend leaving CCK modules out of the modules folder until they're enabled.
2fef50e5 38- #317036 by hass, context-sensitive translation fixes.
60eb159e 39- #316354 by fago, hass, fix translation issues in rules.inc files.
a59bf603 40- #312546 by stella, code cleanup.
3b9d024a 41- #311146 by Brian294, dheffron, yched, and others, fix critical javascript problem in new Manage fields UI screen in some themes.
42- #317032 by hass, code cleanup.
44CCK 6.2-rc8
0bb6ec31 46
04106cf3 47Be sure to visit update.php after uploading this release.
ef664e13 48
a5a13138 49- #314986 by moshe weitzman, remove hook_devel_caches(), deprecated in favor of content_flush_caches().
e761f495 50- Clean up inconsistencies in unsetting _error_element, sometimes not unsetting it, sometimes not testing before unsetting it causing undefined index errors.
51- Add more documentation of how nested nodereference and userreference items work.
52- #119102 Combo field prep, Use === in userreference and nodereference validation to be sure we get right results if parent is a zero (delta) value instead of a string name.
53- #119102, #314843 Make sure module process code doesn't override #element_validate set by other modules.
3924cd86 54- #119102 Combo field prep, rework fieldgroup name validation into API to be used by other modules.
d275141d 55- #312546 by stella - Change some links to make translation easier.
6d15ade9 56- Added the #delta value to the wrong place in the element, it was inaccessible to the formatter theme.
4d40fa2e 57- #119102 Combo field prep, rework the field overview form so it can hanle other kinds of groups.
58- #119102 Combo field prep, add hooks to the fieldgroup module so other modules can alter group info.
59- #119102 Combo field prep, add group_type information to the Manage fields screen.
d7703a49 60- #119102 Combo field prep, add group_type column to content_group table.
c55c0a20 61- #310420 Make sure fields created by disabled modules get marked inactive in the database.
e3a9448c 62- #119102 Combo field prep, allow way to override multiple values settings for optionwidgets.
63- #119102 Combo field prep, add prev_parent and group info to display fields overview.
64- #119102 Combo field prep, add a helper function that can determine if a field is in use and the max delta value in use.
3921c1f4 65- #309667 Add Panels integration in. This is still experimental since Panels for D6 is still experimental.
931130a5 66- #307909 Don't create Views tables for fields that don't create db columns.
8dbf85e7 67- Make incompatibility with older Views releases stand out more.
0bb6ec31 68- Fix errors when rendering fieldgroups in 'advanced' contexts (RSS, search...).
fd6a6f8a 69- Do not insert field and group labels in search index.
98fd13df 70- Fix drag-n-drop order lost when node form is redisplayed after node preview or failed validation.
a167e7f2 71- Fix drag-n-drop order not accounted for in node previews.
8dbf85e7 72- #306572 Number: Incorrect validation of allowed values for Float and Decimal fields.
3332741e 73- #306963 by p.brouwers - Number : fix missing formatter for '9.999,99' (be_2).
f458bc00 74- Views integration : Add default label for userref and noderef relationships.
ef664e13 75- #234774 Nifty new UI to add fields and groups (requires a cache clear) + initial integration with advanced_help module.
660726cf 76- #281749 by asimmonds: fix '0' not parsed as an alias for allowed values.
f8120057 77- #309365 Views integration: Consider relationships when force-adding the 'Node: Type' field - thks jhuckabee.
069484bb 78- #308215 by Reg - Nodereference: Do not filter on empty string when querying for referenceable nodes.
5b9350a9 79- #308778 Fix $item['view'] element missing for tokens and contemplate.
36c7314b 80- #310414 Fix broken redirects when adding fields to content types with an underscore in their machine names.
0bb3edd5 81- #310484 by merlinofchaos - Views integration: Allow relationships to work nicely with multiple values.
0a9b07db 82- Views integration: reorder elements in the field's settings to ba a little more logical.
bd3b6d94 83- #306604 Views integration: fix relationships with 'group multiple values' option. Thx merlinofchaos for the help.
97a43d82 84- Add a message on the 'Manage fields' screen about the benefits of advanced_help module.
548ad1a9 85- #311883 by hass : Fix a string go give translators better context.
bff1b6ae 86- #310873 Upgrade path : abort updates if content.module and/or field modules are disabled, and fix existing sites possibly affected.
a0f12ddb 87- #310219 Let modules expose additional display modes iunder the 'Display fields' tab : hook_content_build_modes().
0bb6ec31 88
d103b6d2 89CCK 6.2-rc7
d103b6d2 92Note:
f6616262 93- There has been a few files moved around since RC6, so be sure to *delete* the previous contents
d48f2c6d 94of your cck/ folder before uploading the new files, in order to avoid duplicates.
95- The admin forms (field creation, field edition...) have been renamed to comply with usual form
96naming conventions. Modules and custom code that rely on those form ids through hook_form_alter() or
97drupal_execute() will need to be updated.
d103b6d2 98- The final 6.x-2.0 release is currently targetted for the second half of September.
f6616262 99
100Main bugs fixed since RC6:
101- Content Copy: Fix multiple bugs when importing/exporting content types :
102exporting field definition can alter the actual field's settings
103'this post cannot be referenced' error when exporting nodereference fields
104no export of default values
105- #198502 D5 upgrade path: Prevent field module upgrades from running before content.module upgrades.
106- #293698 Views integration: make 'show n values starting from m' actually work.
107- #292872 Data loss issue: fields and field data deleted for content types defined by disabled modules.
108IMPORTANT: Since disabling all contrib modules is a recommended step prior to upgrading a D5 site to D6,
109it is highly advised that D5 sites using CCK are updated to CCK 5.x-1.8 (which contains the same fix)
110before starting the D6 upgrade process.
112Main new features since RC6:
113- Updated to latest Views 2 API. Views integration requires Views 6.x-2.x-dev newer than Sep 3, 2008.
114- #295556 by CPyle - Userreference: let referenceable users be defined by a View.
115- Userreference: Add 'Radios / checkboxes' widget.
116- #294797 New $FIELD_NAME_rendered and $GROUP_NAME_rendered variables for node.tpl.php.
117- Nodereference: Allow specific node templates for nodes displayed as values of a noderef field.
118- #301736 by nedjo - Nodereference: Multilingual support; if available, propose translations of referenced nodes when creating a new translation.
119- #196468 by Nedjo - Content copy: Provide a link to automatically import a file into Content Copy.
d48f2c6d 120
d103b6d2 121Other changes:
c96559a4 122- Avoid undefined index error in Content Copy when fieldgroup is enabled but there are no groups.
358cc3c0 123- #296077 Add delta to formatter information.
124- #128038 Alter _content_admin_form() to provide the raw widget default values as well as the default value widget so programmed forms will have those values available. You can't tell when you construct the form if it's a programmed form or not, so we will always have to create the default value widget, but we don't always have to use it. This will also get the default values into the Content Copy export in a way that Content Copy import can pick them up, and alter validation to unset the default value widget and skip the default value widget processing if it's a programmed form. Since we are now provided the actual default value (not just the default value widget) in the export, we can safely pick it up in the import.
125- #128038 Use content_field_instance_collapse() to send form values in the Content Copy export to be sure we get the original field values for checkboxes instead of the true/false values we will get otherwise.
0056e35d 126- #300108 Add group value back to field settings form so it will appear in the Content Copy export.
4d58d4fb 127- #283985 Force Content Copy export to use current field values to avoid storing mangled data back to field.
53a93046 128- #298440 by Moonshine and KarenS: move form permission checking to content_field_form() and don't call hook_widget for users w/out permission.
adbcbef4 129- #294726 by profix898 and yched: _content_type_info() does not reset on content type changes.
466881a2 130- #293273 Nodereference: update 'referenceable types' when type name changes.
6a05942a 131- #295914 Fix additional problems when installing CCK in install profiles.
26a8d234 132- #295664 Views integration: let summaries display 'allowed values' aliases if any.
6fd78125 133- Views integration: prevent empty links for the 'no value' items in summaries.
65af8518 134- #296748 Text: Fix PHP warning when $node->build_mode not set.
8ea6acd1 135- #297915 Fix content_copy.
0433e3d4 136- #298674 Content copy doesn't import all type properties.
8ea6acd1 137- #293471 Remove fieldgroup selection on field settings form.
6550d84b 138- Userref / Noderef : Add a 'none' choice for non-required, single fields with 'Radios / checkboxes' widget.
bea5ae87 139- #298823 Views integration: do not step into views_* namespace.
63eb190a 140- #299698 Userreference: autocompletion query when typed string is '0'.
73478af8 141- #300236 Fix inconsistent schema for 'locked' column between install and updates.
bef5d50c 142- Do not display 'label' settings on 'advanced' subtab of 'Display fields'.
35b5a08d 143- #266205 by sun: add zebra classes for field items.
99e73f7d 144- #299870 Incorrect handling of custom weight for 'Language' node form element.
145- Fieldgroups: display options were not supported for 'advanced' contexts (RSS, search index...).
146- Fieldgroups: do not display group label when building the search index.
5beccff4 147- Fieldgroups: Remove tinyint (127) limitation on group weights.
2801e556 148- #301984 by joetsuihk - Views Integration: do not display empty divs on empty fields.
8ed6a207 149- Views integration : prevent possible 'invalid argument for foreach' warnings with 'group multiple values'.
f57e5b9c 150- Fix tests to work with simpletest 2.x.
79b3b8c6 151- #296301 by Moonshine - Fieldgroups: fix call_user_func_array() error on add / configure / remove pages.
9abd8969 152- #118364 Number (decimal): fix unneeded information message when using comma as a separator ("150,00 was changed to 150.00").
f75d8dd7 153- Fieldgroup: New groups are not styled on node view until 'display fields' form is submitted.
e7e792a6 154- #303664 Views integration: update to new Views API for handler / plugins.
8395d7d0 155- #303475 by wrunt - Optionwidgets : unchecked 'single on/off checkbox' stores 0/'0' instead of the 'off' value.
e7e792a6 156- #304450 Userreference - fix broken autocomplete for 'simple' mode / fix broken 'advanced - views' mode after Views API changes.
bd37960b 157- Fix PHP warnings on node display for hidden fields inside fieldgroups.
0031faf4 158- #305048 by asimmonds: fix incorrect link on 'start update' page when updates were aborted.
c714a08e 159- Content copy: Fix broken group export as a result of #296301.
2c175854 160- #304828 Clean up function names in content.admin.inc.
6ff2552c 161- #285557 Added 'img' to the list of allowed tags in fields descriptions.
0031faf4 162- Content copy: wrong page title after export code has been generated.
5c761692 163- Fieldgroup: fix broken node preview.
3747b662 164
3a85e378 165CCK 6.2.rc6
3a85e378 168Hotfix release for:
c5ce919e 169- #295537 fix warnings in update 6004 when site has no actual cck fields.
170Those errors were harmless, no need to worry or run update.php again if you had them.
172Minor fix:
173- #265795 by smk-ka: formatter labels go through t() twice in Views exposed data.
175CCK 6.2.rc5
c9cc355c 177
178Main bugs fixed :
179- #281388 Optionwidgets: Unselect values doesn't take.
180- #286457 Fix menu not being always rebuilt when needed.
181- #285138 by quicksketch and yched: Allow CCK to be installed in install profiles.
183Main new features :
184- #282183 by chx: Nodereference - 'Checkboxes/radios' widget.
185- #289138 by dopry: Add support for 'locked' fields (for module-defined fields).
187Other changes :
6afc8e97 188- #273502 Add descriptions to the non-CCK form elements on the Manage fields screen.
4057b865 189- Fix PHP warnings when field display is set to 'hidden' and field is in a fieldgroup.
60682c80 190- Re-introduce '<none>' choice for multiselect widgets (optionwidgets, noderef/userref select).
ad241539 191- #281449 Text: maxlength on textfield widget is 128 even when the field has no maximum length.
07bea7b2 192- Add tests for optionwidgets.
ad241539 193- #282175: Don't mention 'add more' button when the widget opts out of it.
3e05a333 194- Optionwidgets: use '- None -' for 'no selection' option (like core's taxonomy.module).
195- #286637 by poiu: clearer example for default value with php-code.
196- #93436 Add $form parameter to content_validate.
197- #277310 by fractile81: update node object by reference in content_load().
60bdb34a 198- #285771 Views integration: use the new 'float' filter handler where applicable.
90ce3d08 199- Fix PHP warnings when renaming a content type.
828ff4a0 200- #280410 Number: Fix prefix / suffix displayed when field is empty.
0a6fdfb7 201- #282937 Fix warnings on uninstall.
c9cc355c 202- #287540 Add index on nid in data tables, to optimize node deletion (requires update.php)
939a283a 203- #288578 Text: Fix max length to use utf8 length.
fcc09521 204- #222214 by aaron, deviantintegral : support tokens for nodererf / userref paths aliases.
205- #211306 by asimmonds: Fix error in D5 update with SQL strict mode.
206- #292338 by mh89: Set fieldgroup.module's weight to 9 (missing for new D6 installs).
207- #292463 Fieldgroup: missing update for fieldgroup table names (didn't actually break anything).
208- #292855 by Tgr - Fieldgroup: missing } in query on field instance deletion.
209- #292925 by greggles - Text: Fix PHP notice under some circumstances with textarea widget.
76cd6134 210- #292675 Support d-n-d reordering of non-cck "fields" for types that have no cck fields.
f4004b24 211- #289888 Nodereference: Fix 'full node' and 'teaser' formatters.
212- Display field type human names instead of machine names on 'Manage Fields' and 'Fields' overview pages.
213- #292884 Better help text for field template suggestions.
214- #293163 Use FAPI validation instead of field|widget_settings($op 'validate').
215 (the 'validate' op is still supported, though)
18442241 216- #75423 by mh89 - Text: 'size' setting for textfield widget.
fcc09521 217
4c189214 218
24c22295 219CCK 6.2.rc4
0d79362e 220===========
222This RC Mainly fixes a critical bug :
223http://www.drupal.org/node/277968 - Saving 'Display Fields' wipes widget settings.
7e578d66 225- #278325 Nodereference/Userreference - autocomplete widget does not check nodes/users are 'referenceable'.
95104bd1 226- #278325 followup: Unify the mechanism used to assign hook_field('validate') errors to form elements across fields and widgets.
7e578d66 227- Userreference - Turn the 'Reverse link' radios into a checkbox in the field settings.
578c7b49 228- Nodereference - Only list 'node' Views in the 'advanced mode', and differenciate default views as in D5.
229- Optionwidgets - fix PHP warning when creating a new 'on/off checkbox' and no allowed values could be set yet.
230- Optionwidgets - fix PHP warning on 'on/off checkbox' only one 'allowed value'.
231- Optionwidgets - add a 'warning' message to remind the admins they need to set allowed values.
368b1fa1 232- #278676 by hass: fix untranslated field and widget type names.
c21b1924 233- Do not validate the fields settings form when the 'change label / widget' submits the form.
c3e14528 234- #273502 Let the 'menu settings' node-form fieldset on node forms be repositioned.
feead187 235- #273502 followup: add a description for non-CCK 'fields' on 'Manage fields' tab.
b58cffa9 236- #278793 by hass: fix untranslated PHP code example.
237- Nodereference/Userreference - There were two 'no selection' choices on 'select list' widget for non-required fields.
238- #277486 Nodereference/Userreference - no selection with 'select list' widget stores 0 instead of NULL.
30bb51fa 239- #278789 better wording for the 'PHP default value invalid' error message.
daf99e91 240- #267771 orignal patch by quicksketch: Richer label settings for views fields.
30bb51fa 241- #279204 by eMPee584: fix edit paths inconsistency.
7e578d66 242- #276990 Nodereference - error message when no valid node with that title (autocomplete widget).
07c92176 243- Widget (FAPI-)validation messages do not display the field 'label' when the error is on a nth value (n > 1).
d6166089 244- Unify field validation error messages.
efa5f7e9 245- #269319 Reintroduce field template variants; add theme instructions text file.
ef111841 246- #179419 by smk-ka: Content Copy - Import fails when language not English.
7e578d66 247- #278899 Nodereference - Refactor 'advanced (Views-defined referenceable nodes)' to use views rendering.
248- #279190 content_crud_instance_update wiped existing widget settings in some cases.
249 Also added a tests for a few basic properties of the CRUD API.
0d79362e 250
2c637747 251CCK 6.2.rc3
bb5898bc 252===========
3a2d35f5 253- #278116 by Damien Tournoud: Make some strings easier to translate in views intergration forms.
254- #278135 fix some translation quirks + fix french typography for ':' :-)
255- Nodereference: 'Title mismatch. Please check your selection' error should break validation (+ fix typo).
2c637747 256- #277968 by jpetso: Fix fatal error when cck folder lives in the main /modules folder.
258CCK 6.2.rc2
baffb34d 259============
b88232b1 260- #276994 Follow up, remove conditional loading for content.views.inc, Views handles it.
262CCK 6.2.rc1
12811e22 264- #276994 Remove views_include_handlers() from content.views.inc, no longer needed.
722de8e7 265- Change 'allow_empty' to 'allow empty' so that Views filters work correctly.
ce4a81c8 266- #272871 Pass #node to formatters to be consistent with the values that were available in the D5 version.
9f381af8 267- #271294 Add TODO to get rid of content_write_record() once drupal_write_record() is patched.
c86709d7 268- #271294 Add documentation for the reason for having a custom version of drupal_write_record.
ee5dee46 269- Avoid E_All error when prefixes and suffixes are not defined in number module.
85dfac9b 270- Avoid E_All error, don't try to return $item[0] if there are no items.
35a15e3c 271- #266590 Make sure a view is valid before trying to use it in the nodereference module to fix upgrade errors when the view has not been updated to Views 2.
76ec5557 272- #258127 Get rid of content_menu_needs_rebuild() in remaining places and only rebuild the menu when absolutely needed.
baffb34d 273- Alter content_types_install() to make sure it picks up all the regular field and widget values out of the database. Some of the field values were missing, which caused some of the other values to get set incorrectly during updates and when modules are enabled.
274- #235063 Fix jumbled multiple values when hitting the 'add-more' button with more than 10 values.
275 Keep 'add more' button text consistent.
3a2d35f5 276- #270014 by yang_yi_cn: form for multiple values didn't call the right hook_widget
dd36f141 277- fix 'Undefined index: #access' notice when content_permissions.module is disabled
f4a340af 278- #270315 Mention dependency on schema.module in the desciptions of the CRUD tests.
279- #227951 by pwolanin: Add a permission for PHP 'default values' and 'allowed values'
280- #271682 by pwolanin: Make simpletests easier by not duplicating field name in same form.
281- #270315 by pwolanin: Update simpletest to use DrupalWebTestCase.
282- #227951 by pwolanin: Add permission for ability to use php code for default values and allowed values.
283- #270827 by pwolanin: Validity checks for the AHAH-'add more' request.
284- #271087 Properly handle values '0' for text and number fields.
285- #258407 Fix field template name to allow for easy overridability.
286- #274038 by jpetso: Fix non-JS mode for 'add more' button.
287- #275192 by jpetso: Attach AHAH behaviors to newly inserted widgets on JS 'add more'.
288- #271710 by pwolanin: tests for UI field CRUD, and node form generation.
289- #266696 by pwolanin: Unable to change the label or widget type for a field.
290- #201329 by pwolanin and yched: Fix content_field_instance_delete() not cleaning tables.
291- #271577 by pwolanin: Fix unsanitized text (optionwidgets, number, text, field labels, field descriptions)
292- #273539 by jpetso: Fix JS-'add more' for complex widgets (e.g. filefield)
293- #227435 by pwolanin: Usability - Put fields links on content type overview page
294- #277101: Hide fieldset-based fieldgroups when all fields empty
295- #198508: Prevent data loss for disabled fields.
297CCK 6.2.beta
300Content Generate (new feature)
301- #257874 and #187599 provide a way to auto-generate field content for the devel module.
302- #261633 E_All fix for content_generate.
305- #227439, #227437, #227945 Rework field and widget type handling to simplify the intial screen when choosing a field and widget type by making it a two-step process where you see only the widgets that apply to the field. Move the setting of the field label to the same place where you set the field name. Change the field edit screen to keep it from showing all the different widgets again and instead just display the current widget. Then add a button to change the widget which will take you to another screen to make the change since the rest of the page will need to change when the widget changes. Keep the changes to the widget label in that separate process, too, since that affects the menu tabs that need to be changed before redirecting back to the main page.
307Update processing
308- #256141 Add old updates back to fieldgroup.install for situations where the module was briefly enabled and then disabled and never used so the update process doesn't throw an error for the missing updates.
309- Fix potential E_All error in userreference after update.
310- Fix E_All error that can come up after update if text module is using format column.
311- Change the check in _content_type_info to be sure the new 'active' column exists before trying to query the table during installation and updates. Also fix E_All notice for non-existant db_columns during install and update.
312- #237585 Try to avoid foreach errors on missing content type information by creating empty arrays in content_info.
169430ce 315- #224391 Get default values working again for optionwidgets.
316- #251157 Make sure optionwidgets selections are not lost when previewing node.
317- #253038 Make sure empty optionwidget values are always arrays.
320- #264345 Create a nodereference wrapper for setting and rendering a view and store the rendered view in a static variable to ensure the same view is not rendered over and over in the same session.
321- #263936 Make sure nodereference select views do not try to use paging and do not limit the items per page.
322- Clean up autocomplete handling that uses Views as a selector.
323- #262112 Add missing hook_theme definition for the plain formatter.
324- #256440 Nodereference was passing wrong object to Views for the Views node selection option. Also need to limit available views to those that have fields defined so we can add the title to the view and so there is something meaningful to display in the select list.
326Views Integration
327- #264479 Make sure we don't try to init() a view for fields that don't have one selected.
328- #263936 Set arguments in execute_display. Also make sure to pass $string and $exact_string to the view.
329- #257566 Move all content fields into a single group in the Views UI.
330- #242856 Make sure the node.nid is aliased when creating our grouped fields query so the parent node isn't confused with nodereference's nid column.
331- #261528 Add in missing code to create the link to the node if that option is requested.
333Content Copy
334- #225664 Make sure groups get imported as well as fields.
337- #264768 Make sure handling for all possible states of #single is properly set up.
338- #260253 $node->type isn't always set, and if missing the formatters that use $fields($field_name, $type_name) to retrieve the field array end up with an empty value. Add the node type to all content fields views so we can be sure it's available and alter the content_format logic to look for the node type both at $node->type and at $node->node_type, where Views will put it, to properly set the content type.
341- #256116 Add a TODO to reconsider handling of CCK data when a content type is deleted.
342- Small fix to content_generate to get auto-generation of number values working.
343- #265334 Avoid format error messages in the unusual case where you have created CCK content and then delete the content type without deleting the node, since core does not delete the nodes in that case.
344- #227256 Add an additional check when creating a new field that the length is no more than 32 characters.
345- #260253 When content_type is set but empty, nothing is returned from content_fields(). Fix that by checking for empty() instead of isset(). This is a more general problem that should be fixed in content_fields().
346- #258127 Eliminate need to defer the rebuild of the menu, also adding TODO to see if content_menu_needs_rebuild() can be eliminated.
347- #257304 Make sure the widget description is never NULL to avoid problems when a NULL value gets wrapped with t().
348- #259704 Make sure help text always appears.
349- #255113 Make sure empty filtered text fields don't pick up unintended values from check_plain().