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2009-08-25 Marc Ferran (aka... - #558744 by chellomere - Fix one of the swedish transl...
2009-05-27 Magnus Gunnarsson#439594 by seals: Updated Swedish translation.
2009-05-24 podarokUkrainian translation for CCK 6.2 branch - status 77...
2009-05-16 Balint Csuthyby Zoltan Balogh: Updated Hungarian translation
2009-04-20 Magnus Gunnarsson#439594 by seals: Added Swedish translation.
2009-03-26 Sylvain Moreau#366606 : updating french translation (fr.po)
2009-03-09 hassUpdated German translation
2009-03-09 hassUpdated POT files for translation
2009-01-30 Sylvain Moreau#366606 adding french translation (fr.po)
2008-12-23 Balint Csuthyby Zoltan Balogh: Updated Hungarian translation
2008-11-05 hassTypo fixed
2008-11-05 hassFixed a few inconsistences in German translation.
2008-11-05 hassGerman translation updated.
2008-11-05 hassRemove unused strings.
2008-11-05 hassLast commit lost "Fields" translation.
2008-11-05 hassGerman translation updated.
2008-11-04 Yves Chedemois#323305 by hass - updated german adv_help files
2008-10-31 Janos FeherComplete Hungarian translation. Most of the work has...
2008-10-23 hassUpdated POT files
2008-10-21 hassUpdated German translation
2008-10-19 hassGerman translation: "verwiesen" hopefully finally removed.
2008-10-19 hassGerman translation: "Verweis" finally removed.
2008-10-19 hassUpdated German translation (not complete)
2008-10-19 hassLatest POT files for translation
2008-10-18 Yves Chedemois#323161 by hass - German translation for help files
2008-10-06 Karen Stevenson#317032, by hass, code cleanup.
2008-08-26 hassUpdated German translation for final
2008-08-25 hassUpdated POT files for final translation
2008-08-13 Janos Feherupdate
2008-08-10 hassUpdated German translation
2008-08-10 hassUpdated POT files for translation
2008-08-01 Janos FeherHungarian translation based on the current 6.x-2.x...
2008-07-16 hass* Updated POT for translation
2008-07-08 hassFixed minor typo
2008-07-05 hassFollow up from #278793, two new strings to be UI complete
2008-07-05 hass* Updated maintainer headers in translation files
2008-07-05 hassAmazing... the German translation of CCK is the first...
2008-07-05 hassTypo fixed
2008-07-05 hassCompleted translation
2008-07-05 hassMinor corrections
2008-07-05 hassMore complete German translation
2008-07-05 hassFound a few missing strings not in the POTs. Hopefully...
2008-07-05 hass* Corrected modules-content.*.po to content.*.po
2008-07-05 hassAdded last missing string
2008-07-05 hassAdded one missing string
2008-07-04 hassFixed a typo
2008-07-04 hassChanged wording after UI review
2008-07-04 hassSync translations internaly
2008-07-04 hassUpdated German translation
2008-07-03 Damien TournoudRemove stale fr.po.
2008-07-03 Damien TournoudPatch by Sandrine Burriel: initial French translation...
2008-07-03 Damien TournoudUpdate translation templates.
2008-06-25 Yves Chedemois#274676 by Jeroen Coumans - fix invalid plural form...
2008-06-16 hass* Updated POT files
2008-06-15 TakafumiAdds Japanese translation - translated by 0829 (drupal...
2008-04-26 hassAdded new strings and updated translation
2008-04-24 hassGerman translation splitted and updated.
2008-04-24 hassAdded splitted translation files
2008-02-22 hassUpdated German PO with some new and fixed strings
2008-02-22 hassUpdated POT for latest code
2007-09-25 Yves ChedemoisD6 port : renamed 'po' directory to 'translations'...