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last changeMon, 9 Dec 2013 19:12:49 +0000
2013-12-09 Benjamin KoetherIssue #2153079: Fixed issue with existing local actions... 7.x-1.x
2013-12-05 haroldmadcapIssue #2077679 by MrHaroldA: Removes destination parame...
2013-12-04 Benjamin KoetherIssue #2043691 by vanvemden: Added option to support...
2012-10-13 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1774520 by int_ua: Added option to set a link... 7.x-1.5
2012-08-24 Benjamin KoetherFixed update routine.
2012-08-24 Benjamin KoetherUpdate routine for new block multiselect
2012-08-24 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1724024 by gausarts: Added support to select...
2012-08-23 Benjamin KoetherAdded minor performance improvement by using Drupal...
2012-08-21 Benjamin KoetherUpdated all modules to comply with Drupal coding standards.
2012-08-21 barrapontoIssue #1630556 by barraponto: remove unsupported blocks...
2012-08-21 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1620816 by aheredia: Fixed token replacement...
2012-08-21 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1633498 by corpx: Fixed link array for local...
2012-08-21 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1742796 by Niremizov : Fixed wrong use of t...
2012-05-26 Benjamin KoetherIssue #1600354 by BerdArt : Fix submodule names when... 7.x-1.4
2012-05-21 Benjamin KoetherFinal tasks and clean up for release 1.3 7.x-1.3
2012-05-21 Benjamin KoetherAdded files for the new CCL Local Actions sub-module.
18 months ago 7.x-1.5
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