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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2009-12-08 Wiktor Walc#651905 CKEditor Widens Beyond content area when Resized
2009-12-08 Wiktor Walc#652570 - force simple toolbar
2009-12-04 Wiktor Walcextended information about ckeditor_basic.js 6.x-1.0-beta1
2009-12-04 Wiktor Walcremoved dot in tags list
2009-12-04 Wiktor Walcadded pot file
2009-12-04 Wiktor WalcFinal preparations before beta release
2009-11-02 Jorrit Schippers#620226 notice: Undefined index: excl , simple_incl
2009-10-26 Jorrit SchippersBetter changelog entry
2009-10-26 Jorrit SchippersFix compatibility with postgresql
2009-10-22 Jorrit SchippersUpdate Changelog for previous commit
2009-10-22 Jorrit SchippersPort translation source update from fckeditor 6.x-2.x
2009-10-22 Jorrit SchippersIgnore some code editor files
2009-10-16 Wiktor WalcInitial, development version of CKEditor module (not...
2009-10-16 Wiktor Walcadded initial draft of TODO list
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