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2014-03-17 yrocqIssue #2211727 by yrocq | Marc Angles: File license... 7.x-1.x
2013-08-18 jonathanhuntIssue #2068205 by jonathan_hunt: Support Media Derivatives.
2013-07-09 Bojan ZivanovicIssue #1946028: Collapse access limits by default. 7.x-1.0
2012-12-07 Mike Vadded migrate support for commerce_file field types
2012-12-07 Mike Vupdate to ensure file fields get a default scheme set
2012-12-07 Mike Vupdated feeds plugin to handle setting files on licenses
2012-12-03 Mike VIssue #1842670 by fathollahi.mehdi: added an #access...
2012-12-03 Mike Vadded form styles to field settings form
2012-12-03 Mike VIssue #1855608 by elBradford: added form css overrides...
2012-09-24 Mike Vinitial commit to implement access limit callbacks
2012-09-24 Mike Vremoved duration option list since field input is no...
2012-09-24 Mike Vmoved license info hook to
2012-09-24 rbaylissIssue #1789498 by rbayliss: eadded entity info to allow...
2012-08-28 Mike Vfixed display formatting of UNLIMITED for access durati...
2012-08-27 Mike VIssue #1751452 by artatac: added isset check in commerc...
2012-08-21 Mike Vupdated formatter alter to add commerce_file field...
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