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last changeWed, 13 Apr 2011 15:39:16 +0000
2011-04-13 rupertjImproved reliability of enable/disable master
2011-04-06 rupertjAdded fn to get durations as an array
2011-04-06 rupertjFixed up subscription product & associated tests
2011-04-05 rupertjAdded cases in getter/setter for subscription product...
2011-04-05 rupertjAdded missing fields metadata info
2011-04-01 rupertjAdded hook implementation to add new roles to reference...
2011-03-31 rupertjRemoved rules stuff, in favour of hooks for the moment.
2011-03-31 rupertjAdded commerce_subscription_create_subscription fn
2011-03-30 rupertjPHP sucks.
2011-03-30 rupertjAdded enity metadata for time field changes
2011-03-30 rupertjSwitched from timings on subscription to timings on...
2011-03-29 rupertjNew code for adding/removing roles when appropriate...
2011-03-25 rupertjTests that pass :)
2011-03-24 rupertjDid some rules integration and wrote some tests
2011-03-22 rupertjAdded subscription entity edit form.
2011-03-22 rupertjAdded all the fields we need for the mo
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