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2013-09-09 zterryfix a problem in discount point category settings.
2013-09-03 zterryfix bugs in settings form for default termid.
2013-09-03 zterryfix a major bug in commerce userpoint discount.
2013-09-03 zterryadd configure link.
2013-09-03 zterryadd hook_permission. add the missing config:commerce_us...
2013-08-29 zterryfix the userpoint category on checkout payment calc.
2013-08-24 zterryfix some issue in point payment calulation.
2013-08-24 zterrychange the hook_theme from userpoints_points to cu_poin...
2013-08-23 rootIssue #1936042 by acarpio: Fixed Saving Points Payment...
2013-08-21 rootAdd missing hook_theme(). as theme_userpoints_points...
2013-08-21 rootimprove the description on points rate config.
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