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2014-01-06 Gregorio MaginiIssue #1916988 by NofarG: Use features_get_default... 7.x-3.x
2014-01-06 Gregorio MaginiIssue #1982276 by Matthijs: Typo in if condition in...
2013-11-27 Gregorio MaginiRevert Issue #1957884: Conditional Fields with multiple...
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiIssue #2044805 by Angry Dan: Fixed Features ordering...
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiImprove compatibility with jQuery 1.8 and higher.
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiRemove override of states.js and require Drupal 7.14...
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiIssue #1957884 by TravisJohnston: Fix same fields in...
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiBugfix: Incorrect grouping of dependent rows in depende...
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiBugfix: variable may be undefined
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiRenamed multiple select state handler
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiAdded API documentation about states handlers.
2013-11-19 Gregorio MaginiBugfix: behavior callbacks are never called.
2013-11-18 Gregorio MaginiAdded API documentation. 7.x-3.0-alpha1
2013-11-18 Gregorio MaginiBetter signature for custom behaviors callbacks.
2013-11-18 Gregorio MaginiChanged states effects naming to make creation of custo...
2013-11-18 Gregorio MaginiUpdated Array comparisons to match ongoing work on...
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