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2013-07-11 JohnAlbinUpdate CHANGELOG for 7.x-2.2. 7.x-2.x 7.x-2.2
2012-12-15 quicksketchIssue #580440: Add support for Downlevel-revealed Condi...
2012-04-11 JohnAlbinFix tests after drupal core themes were moved.
2012-03-12 JohnAlbinUpdate CHANGELOG for -dev version.
2012-03-12 JohnAlbinUpdate CHANGELOG for 7.x-2.1. 7.x-2.1
2012-03-12 JohnAlbinUpdate README.txt
2012-03-12 JohnAlbinIssue #1478242: Weight needed for conditional styleshee...
2011-04-05 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: Add update hook for new RTL variables...
2011-01-23 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: update CHANGELOG for 7.x-2.x-dev release.
2011-01-18 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: update CHANGELOG for 7.x-2.0 release. 7.x-2.0
2011-01-18 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: update CHANGELOG
2011-01-18 JohnAlbin#1030830 by JohnAlbin: Add simpletests
2011-01-18 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: fix glaring update function misnaming.
2011-01-18 JohnAlbin#1027844 by JohnAlbin: add files[] to .info file.
2011-01-17 JohnAlbinby JohnAlbin: update README.
2011-01-17 JohnAlbin#1029696 by JohnAlbin: Update .info syntax to use expre...
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