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8 days ago enzo - Eduardo... Fixed issues related with bootstrap and function isSecu... master
8 days ago Jesus Manuel... Refactor Twig class templates 7.x-1.0 8.x-1.0 8.0-alpha1 8.x-1.x 8.x.1.x
8 days ago Jesus Manuel... Remove spaces on arguments at generate method
13 days ago Jesus Manuel... Refactor module form twig file
2014-04-07 Jesus Manuel... Refactor module controller twig file
2014-04-06 Jesus Manuel... Update Controller Generator
2014-04-06 Jesus Manuel... Update route path remove action from the path
2014-04-04 Jesus Manuel... Update file packagist reference
2014-04-04 Jesus Manuel... remove commented line
2014-04-04 Jesus Manuel... Update name on composer.json
2014-04-04 Jesus Manuel... Update Form Generator
2014-04-02 Jesus Manuel... Merge pull request #50 from dmouse/console-update-2.4
2014-04-02 Jesus Manuel... Merge pull request #48 from dmouse/autoregister_commands
2014-03-31 David Floresupdate composer.json, now using symfony console 2.4
2014-03-31 David Floresfixed typo
2014-03-31 David Floresfixed typo in ApplicationTest
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8 days ago 8.x-1.x
8 days ago 8.x.1.x
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8 days ago 8.x-1.0