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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2011-01-11 Jarosaw FoksaFixed issue #1023172: Demonstrate block regions not... 7.x-1.21
2011-01-01 Jarosaw FoksaFixed issues (D6 & D7): 6.x-1.18 7.x-1.20
2011-01-01 Jarosaw FoksaAdding message images
2011-01-01 Jarosaw FoksaRemoving ie6.css
2010-08-11 Jarosaw FoksaMinor tweaks to poll block 7.x-1.17
2010-08-11 Jarosaw FoksaFixed bug: Main menu not showing up 7.x-1.16
2010-07-17 Jarosaw Foksa- minor tweaks to drop-down menus on IE7 7.x-1.15
2010-07-17 Jarosaw FoksaFix issue #856328: "Large empty space between primary... 7.x-1.13
2010-07-13 Jarosaw FoksaFix bug #790342: Drop-down menu submenus IE issue 7.x-1.12
2010-07-12 Jarosaw FoksaRemoving preview.html and preview.js
2010-07-12 Jarosaw Foksa- base font size is now configurable
2010-07-07 Jarosaw FoksaRemoved underlines on sidebar headers (as requested...
2010-07-07 Jarosaw FoksaRemoved "Helvetica Neue" (as requested:
2010-07-07 Jarosaw FoksaFix issue #846142: Header has too much distance to...
2010-07-06 Jarosaw FoksaFixed test bot issues reported by Damien Tournoud:...
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