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2013-01-05 George I. TsopouridisCheck the value of responsive_meta and not the value...
2012-11-09 George I. Tsopouridisabout-feature style change 7.x-2.0
2012-11-09 George I. TsopouridisFinal changes for Corporate Clean 7.x-2.0
2012-11-09 George I. TsopouridisRevert the testimonial's block id
2012-11-09 George I. TsopouridisAdded new theme-settings
2012-11-09 George I. TsopouridisAdded new region and new stylesheets
2012-11-09 George I. Tsopouridis[7.x-2.0] Responsive layout for page template (page...
2012-11-09 George I. TsopouridisAdded responsive stylesheets
2012-11-09 George I. Tsopouridis[7.x-2.0] Remove all custom height definitions from...
2012-11-09 George I. Tsopouridis[7.x-2.0] Add menu-expanded and menu-collapsed images...
2012-11-08 George I. Tsopouridisrespond.min.js added
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