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2014-04-08 Jerome Danthinne[2235859] fixed by ceng: url_encode slashes in the... 8.x-1.x
2014-03-10 Jerome Danthinne[2182593] by hatsch: provides a [current_path] token...
2014-02-25 Jerome DanthinneCorrected typo in attached js declaration.
2014-02-25 Jerome DanthinneReplace local_actions by local_tasks
2014-02-05 Jerome DanthinneGet rid of some variable_get calls
2014-02-05 Jerome DanthinneReplace drupal_add_js with attached render arrays
2014-01-07 Jerome DanthinneUpdated YML definitions for local actions
2013-10-26 Jerome DanthinneReplace drupal_get_form by \Drupal::formBuilder()-...
2013-10-24 Jerome DanthinneAdd taxonomy tab
2013-10-24 Jerome Danthinne[#2097459] by lolandese: get back the tabs in the admin...
2013-10-24 Jerome Danthinne[#2097459] by lolandese: fix duplicate menu items.
2013-10-23 Jerome DanthinneSmall fix for contextual block link
2013-10-21 Jerome Danthinne[#791964] fixed: use restricted search for apachesolr
2013-10-18 Jerome DanthinneSome JS optimizations.
2013-10-10 Jerome DanthinneUse proper function declarations
2013-10-10 Jerome DanthinneReplaced includes with Controllers
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