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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2009-07-29 Alex BarthRemove features integration. Will use general ctools...
2009-07-28 Alex BarthRemove Development warning in schema.
2009-07-28 Alex BarthFix README.
2009-07-28 Alex BarthMore tests and fixes. PK issue remains open.
2009-07-28 Alex BarthTests for overriding. More to come.
2009-07-28 Alex BarthFix tests: requires to pass...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthFix race condition when exposing schemas, remove stray...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthFirst iteration on data_ui tests for exortables.
2009-07-27 Alex BarthMove data_alter_table() back into data_ui as it require...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthRemove adjust() - deprecated.
2009-07-27 Alex BarthImplemented schema altering, needs more testing.
2009-07-27 Alex Barth#524260: Create CRUD UI for linking tables.
2009-07-27 Alex BarthShow join information, add @todo for changing API metho...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthFix wrong variable name.
2009-07-27 Alex BarthFix delete() method.
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