Stripping CVS keywords
[project/data.git] / data.module
2011-02-25 The Great Git Migr... Stripping CVS keywords master
2009-07-29 Alex BarthRemove features integration. Will use general ctools...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthFix race condition when exposing schemas, remove stray...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthMove data_alter_table() back into data_ui as it require...
2009-07-27 Alex BarthImplemented schema altering, needs more testing.
2009-07-26 Alex BarthCTools exportables integration.
2009-07-25 Alex BarthHouse keeping: improve comments on create_table() and...
2009-07-25 Alex BarthHouse keeping: @file comment in each file, update DataT...
2009-07-25 Alex BarthHouse cleaning: remove unused constants.
2009-07-25 Alex BarthHouse cleaning: move _private functions to bottom of...
2009-07-25 Alex BarthAdd default views.
2009-07-25 Alex Barth#524280: Move Data Table class into .inc file.
2009-07-25 Alex BarthAdd CRUD tests for UI. Adjust field type handling.
2009-07-22 Alex BarthAdd first unit tests.
2009-07-20 Alex BarthUse correct placeholders for delete().
2009-07-20 Alex BarthUse correct placeholders for load().
2009-07-19 Alex Barth#523940 yhahn: Implement primary key & index updating...
2009-07-18 Alex BarthAdd indexing UI.
2009-07-18 Alex BarthData UI - crud.
2009-07-18 Alex BarthAdded create/drop table functionality, restructured...
2009-07-18 Alex BarthCreate add-table UI. Dropping table does not work.
2009-07-16 Alex BarthFix some comments and README text.
2009-07-16 Alex BarthDon't return tables that don't have a class available.
2009-07-16 Alex BarthDebug views integration, add a group name, fix a variab...
2009-07-15 Alex BarthRefactor API for creating new tables.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthImplement linking and joining.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthConvert views integration.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthStart working on views integration. Use flatstore modul...
2009-07-15 Alex BarthRestructure directories and prepare views integration.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthFix submit hook, fix save() func signature.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthChange return value of data_translate_field_type().
2009-07-15 Alex BarthRename allocate table to reserve table.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthRemove unsupported argument for the time being.
2009-07-15 Alex BarthInitial commit of data module.