5 years agoAdd ability to log to filesystem. 6.x-1.12
moshe weitzman [Thu, 9 Oct 2008 03:07:52 +0000]
Add ability to log to filesystem.

5 years agoCreate our own admin_settings page if Devel is not installed.
salvis [Tue, 7 Oct 2008 21:57:58 +0000]
Create our own admin_settings page if Devel is not installed.

5 years agoMinor fixes, mostly cosmetic.
salvis [Tue, 7 Oct 2008 21:10:53 +0000]
Minor fixes, mostly cosmetic.

5 years ago#314079 by aether. Incorrect function name, variable_delete() should be variable_del().
salvis [Tue, 7 Oct 2008 03:29:57 +0000]
#314079 by aether. Incorrect function name, variable_delete() should be variable_del().

5 years ago#293643 by bsdunx. Devel module incorrectly assumes devel_themer schema is installed.
moshe weitzman [Sun, 5 Oct 2008 02:32:50 +0000]
#293643 by bsdunx. Devel module incorrectly assumes devel_themer schema is installed.

5 years ago#314062 by Grugnog2.
moshe weitzman [Sun, 5 Oct 2008 02:19:37 +0000]
#314062 by Grugnog2.

5 years agoadd permission check to dfb()
moshe weitzman [Sun, 28 Sep 2008 19:14:13 +0000]
add permission check to dfb()

5 years ago#312061. Show which preprocess functions were called on a them call
moshe weitzman [Tue, 23 Sep 2008 03:13:51 +0000]
#312061.  Show which preprocess functions were called on a them call

5 years ago#306857 by brendoncrawford. devel_store_queries() Crashing With mysqli ... This featu... 6.x-1.11
moshe weitzman [Thu, 18 Sep 2008 17:09:08 +0000]
#306857 by brendoncrawford. devel_store_queries() Crashing With mysqli ... This feature is temporarily removed from D7 so no patch there.

5 years ago#310060 by eaton. Allow devel_generate to create older nodes and users.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 18 Sep 2008 17:00:28 +0000]
#310060 by eaton. Allow devel_generate to create older nodes and users.

5 years agodprint_r() never uses krumo(). use kpr() instead
moshe weitzman [Wed, 10 Sep 2008 15:42:47 +0000]
dprint_r() never uses krumo(). use kpr() instead

5 years agoreally go silent during batch operations.
moshe weitzman [Sun, 7 Sep 2008 17:00:33 +0000]
really go silent during batch operations.

5 years agoremove debug line
moshe weitzman [Fri, 5 Sep 2008 14:56:22 +0000]
remove debug line

5 years agofinish reinstall modules
moshe weitzman [Thu, 4 Sep 2008 11:52:33 +0000]
finish reinstall modules

5 years agobackport improved module reinstall UI.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 3 Sep 2008 15:39:04 +0000]
backport improved module reinstall UI.

5 years agorename tab
moshe weitzman [Wed, 3 Sep 2008 15:01:19 +0000]
rename tab

5 years ago#299912: Remove unneeded _block_rehash() call because it interferes with installation...
salvis [Sun, 31 Aug 2008 15:55:56 +0000]
#299912: Remove unneeded _block_rehash() call because it interferes with installation profiles.

5 years ago#301284 php4 compatibility for uniqid()
moshe weitzman [Thu, 28 Aug 2008 22:36:06 +0000]
#301284 php4 compatibility for uniqid()

5 years agominor cleanup after cache change.
moshe weitzman [Sat, 16 Aug 2008 13:16:08 +0000]
minor cleanup after cache change.

5 years agoRework Theme Developer so it use a file based cache for the variables. This avoids...
moshe weitzman [Sat, 16 Aug 2008 13:05:59 +0000]
Rework Theme Developer so it use a file based cache for the variables. This avoids max_packet_size error on mysql.

5 years agostop logging theme calls after the page has been rendered (i.e. not tracking on query...
moshe weitzman [Sat, 16 Aug 2008 10:45:55 +0000]
stop logging theme calls after the page has been rendered (i.e. not tracking on query log)

5 years agopatch by moshe weitzman. more correct reinstall of modules.
moshe weitzman [Sun, 10 Aug 2008 23:05:18 +0000]
patch by moshe weitzman. more correct reinstall of modules.

5 years ago#267204 by ksenzee. fix some render problems in theme developer by emitting span...
moshe weitzman [Thu, 7 Aug 2008 14:07:44 +0000]
#267204 by ksenzee. fix some render problems in theme developer by emitting span around page using js instead of php.

5 years ago#290474 by dww. devel breaks non-HTML pages: application/* and text/x-comma-separated...
moshe weitzman [Sun, 3 Aug 2008 01:30:19 +0000]
#290474 by dww. devel breaks non-HTML pages: application/* and text/x-comma-separated-values

5 years agoadd cache flush to devel_themer
moshe weitzman [Tue, 29 Jul 2008 14:53:47 +0000]
add cache flush to devel_themer

5 years agoEnsure correct sorting of priorities according to node_access_acquire_grants().
salvis [Mon, 21 Jul 2008 19:33:13 +0000]
Ensure correct sorting of priorities according to node_access_acquire_grants().

5 years ago#278857 by drewish. remove views1 code for now. 6.x-1.10
moshe weitzman [Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:40:38 +0000]
#278857 by drewish. remove views1 code for now.

5 years ago#228746 by dman. Devel backtrace still goes noisy when a @suppressed warning is encou...
moshe weitzman [Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:24:40 +0000]
#228746 by dman. Devel backtrace still goes noisy when a @suppressed warning is encountered.

5 years ago#281228 fix name of themer_uninstall()
moshe weitzman [Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:44:35 +0000]
#281228 fix name of themer_uninstall()

5 years agoremove old comment.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 10 Jul 2008 16:34:06 +0000]
remove old comment.

5 years agouse own cache table.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 10 Jul 2008 16:02:44 +0000]
use own cache table.

5 years agoTheme developer now has its variables back and all is fast and memory efficient....
moshe weitzman [Thu, 10 Jul 2008 14:45:23 +0000]
Theme developer now has its variables back and all is fast and memory efficient. For those that choose to move their krumo subdir out of the way or otherwise disable krumo(), there is a bug in devel_print_object() where it seems not to handle recursion properly and even without recurssion, the popup does not properly expand its output when clicked.

5 years agoFirst half of rework of Theme Developer to be faster and less memory intensive. Inste...
moshe weitzman [Thu, 10 Jul 2008 04:09:06 +0000]
First half of rework of Theme Developer to be faster and less memory intensive. Instead of sending all the variables for all theme calls in each request, we save the variables to a cache table on the server. In the next commit, the popup will retrieve the variables on demand if the user cares to view them. The menu callback for this AJAX request is done - just need javascript work now.

5 years agofix session id display on session viewer page
moshe weitzman [Wed, 2 Jul 2008 16:42:56 +0000]
fix session id display on session viewer page

5 years agofix NOTICE when adding uploads to generated nodes.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:12:53 +0000]
fix NOTICE when adding uploads to generated nodes.

5 years agoparse error.
moshe weitzman [Sun, 22 Jun 2008 04:27:40 +0000]
parse error.

5 years ago#273167 by beginner. tripped over a landmine in update_sql().
moshe weitzman [Sat, 21 Jun 2008 21:39:08 +0000]
#273167 by beginner. tripped over a landmine in update_sql().

5 years agoincluding leading period in path. performance.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 19 Jun 2008 05:59:09 +0000]
including leading period in path. performance.

5 years agochange fb.php include to match latest distro
moshe weitzman [Thu, 19 Jun 2008 05:40:06 +0000]
change fb.php include to match latest distro

5 years ago#259485 by jvandyk. add menu module as dependency. 6.x-1.9
moshe weitzman [Fri, 13 Jun 2008 03:25:20 +0000]
#259485 by jvandyk. add menu module as dependency.

5 years ago#215375 by tej_arora. macro.module - Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass...
moshe weitzman [Fri, 13 Jun 2008 03:11:21 +0000]
#215375 by tej_arora. macro.module - Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::__set_state()

5 years agopatch by moshe weitzman. avoid krumo() when outputting simple variables. only used...
moshe weitzman [Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:18:39 +0000]
patch by moshe weitzman. avoid krumo() when outputting simple variables. only used for arrays and objects.

5 years ago#266399 by brahms. warning class.krumo.php on line 604
moshe weitzman [Wed, 11 Jun 2008 18:58:25 +0000]
#266399 by brahms. warning class.krumo.php on line 604

5 years agoremove krumo from readme
moshe weitzman [Tue, 3 Jun 2008 21:46:53 +0000]
remove krumo from readme

5 years agoadd modified krumo package to devel. no longer is a separate download required. i...
moshe weitzman [Tue, 3 Jun 2008 20:36:06 +0000]
add modified krumo package to devel. no longer is a separate download required. i made minor changes to config method so it uses variable_get(). also a change so that the backtrace file/line number make sense. lets try this out for a while and if it is successful, we'll rip out the conditional has_krumo() code in devel.module

5 years agominor cleanup of node generation.
moshe weitzman [Sat, 24 May 2008 12:54:27 +0000]
minor cleanup of node generation.

5 years agofurther cleanup of bulk node generation. modules may now participate using standard...
moshe weitzman [Sat, 24 May 2008 02:18:07 +0000]
further cleanup of bulk node generation. modules may now participate using standard hook_form_alter() and hook_nodapi(). See devel_generate_nodeapi() for an example. content_field('presave') is another example.

5 years agorework devel_generate so that modules can cleanly form_alter themselves into the...
moshe weitzman [Fri, 23 May 2008 21:06:17 +0000]
rework devel_generate so that modules can cleanly form_alter themselves into the creation process. i have not changed comment, taxonomy, and upload to work like that yet. i will do so, and then add OG functionality so that group posts get properly affiliated with group nodes.

5 years ago#260197 by gribnif. Typo in kprint_r
moshe weitzman [Mon, 19 May 2008 15:05:09 +0000]
#260197 by gribnif. Typo in kprint_r

5 years ago#244729 by BDragon. Misc. hook_menu problems/cleanups 6.x-1.8
moshe weitzman [Sat, 17 May 2008 14:37:50 +0000]
#244729 by BDragon. Misc. hook_menu problems/cleanups

5 years agoAdd settings link to devel block.
moshe weitzman [Sat, 17 May 2008 14:33:20 +0000]
Add settings link to devel block.

5 years agominor case change in module name.
moshe weitzman [Sat, 17 May 2008 03:49:30 +0000]
minor case change in module name.

5 years ago#259403 by Gribnif. Very minor typo corrections.
moshe weitzman [Sat, 17 May 2008 01:24:12 +0000]
#259403 by Gribnif. Very minor typo corrections.

5 years ago#177722 - fix warning when deleting content and adding nodes through the batch api
Doug Green [Wed, 14 May 2008 16:34:19 +0000]
#177722 - fix warning when deleting content and adding nodes through the batch api

5 years ago#177722 - use batch api to create large number of node content
Doug Green [Wed, 14 May 2008 16:21:32 +0000]
#177722 - use batch api to create large number of node content

5 years ago#234581 workaround for memory limit problem. help wanted for proper fix.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 14 May 2008 03:01:05 +0000]
#234581 workaround for memory limit problem. help wanted for proper fix.

5 years ago#257874 by KarenS. Generate CCK fields when generating nodes. take 2.
moshe weitzman [Tue, 13 May 2008 18:13:20 +0000]
#257874 by KarenS. Generate CCK fields when generating nodes. take 2.

5 years ago#257874 by KarenS. Generate CCK fields when generating nodes.
moshe weitzman [Tue, 13 May 2008 17:47:12 +0000]
#257874 by KarenS. Generate CCK fields when generating nodes.

5 years agoFix an unported l().
salvis [Mon, 12 May 2008 19:45:56 +0000]
Fix an unported l().

5 years ago#257288 by dopry. Devel doesn't watch for application/json
moshe weitzman [Mon, 12 May 2008 00:04:43 +0000]
#257288 by dopry. Devel doesn't watch for application/json

5 years agouse krumo if available in dsm/dpm
moshe weitzman [Mon, 5 May 2008 20:39:36 +0000]
use krumo if available in dsm/dpm

5 years ago#241060: by salvis. Implement an optional debug mode that displays much more informat...
salvis [Sun, 4 May 2008 18:09:31 +0000]
#241060: by salvis. Implement an optional debug mode that displays much more information in the node_access entries block.

5 years agoDo some cleanup.
salvis [Sun, 4 May 2008 18:08:37 +0000]
Do some cleanup.

5 years ago#91846 by Dave Cohen, ported by salvis. Add a second block to list the users with...
salvis [Sun, 4 May 2008 18:07:04 +0000]
#91846 by Dave Cohen, ported by salvis. Add a second block to list the users with access to a node.

5 years agoClean up all Coder issues, mostly formatting, but also two pgsql breakers.
salvis [Sun, 4 May 2008 18:05:30 +0000]
Clean up all Coder issues, mostly formatting, but also two pgsql breakers.

5 years agosuppress warning
moshe weitzman [Sun, 27 Apr 2008 03:09:16 +0000]
suppress warning

5 years agosupport for fb() function from just put fb.php into the...
moshe weitzman [Sun, 27 Apr 2008 02:37:04 +0000]
support for fb() function from just put fb.php into the devel directory and you can start calling fb() to log information to firebug.

5 years ago#238211 by John Morahan. devel admin page loads white if traceback active and no...
moshe weitzman [Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:27:14 +0000]
#238211 by John Morahan. devel admin page loads white if traceback active and no krumo in devel/krumo

5 years ago#248523 by quicksketch. fix warning in update function
moshe weitzman [Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:12:11 +0000]
#248523 by quicksketch. fix warning in update function

5 years agodon't emit query log during node access rebuild. we shouldn't even collect them ...
moshe weitzman [Sun, 20 Apr 2008 22:19:16 +0000]
don't emit query log during node access rebuild. we shouldn't even collect them (needs a patch).

6 years ago#126098. Allow Optimizer >= 3.2.8 for devel_themer 6.x-1.7
moshe weitzman [Sun, 23 Mar 2008 19:06:29 +0000]
#126098. Allow Optimizer >= 3.2.8 for devel_themer

6 years ago#126098 by RingoDS. Allowe Optimizer >= 3.2.8
moshe weitzman [Sun, 23 Mar 2008 19:02:55 +0000]
#126098 by RingoDS. Allowe Optimizer >= 3.2.8

6 years agoavoid krumo is using CLI
moshe weitzman [Fri, 21 Mar 2008 03:18:30 +0000]
avoid krumo is using CLI

6 years ago#228608 by moshe weitzman. devel_query_summary can fail
moshe weitzman [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 21:54:58 +0000]
#228608 by moshe weitzman. devel_query_summary can fail

6 years ago229520 by dvessel. stop recursion in print_object.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 5 Mar 2008 04:47:11 +0000]
229520 by dvessel. stop recursion in print_object.

6 years ago#229995 by pwolanin. menu reset -> rebuild
moshe weitzman [Wed, 5 Mar 2008 04:14:13 +0000]
#229995 by pwolanin. menu reset -> rebuild

6 years ago#229520 by dvessel. prevent recursion in _devel_print_object.
moshe weitzman [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 20:45:42 +0000]
#229520 by dvessel. prevent recursion in _devel_print_object.

6 years ago#225016 by dvessel. update theme_twin 6.x-1.6
moshe weitzman [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 03:14:11 +0000]
#225016 by dvessel. update theme_twin

6 years ago#223574 WSOD only with theme developer enabled on node submittal.
moshe weitzman [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 03:06:50 +0000]
#223574 WSOD only with theme developer enabled on node submittal.

6 years ago#98272 by dvessel. jquery-ui-drag.min.js Breaks on JS Compress.
moshe weitzman [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 02:52:47 +0000]
#98272 by dvessel. jquery-ui-drag.min.js Breaks on JS Compress.

6 years ago#225137 by dvessel. template called shows incorrect name
moshe weitzman [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 02:48:53 +0000]
#225137 by dvessel. template called shows incorrect name

6 years agodefend devel against zend optimizer shittiness.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 28 Feb 2008 15:27:25 +0000]
defend devel against zend optimizer shittiness.

6 years agodefend devel_themer against zend optimizer shittiness.
moshe weitzman [Thu, 28 Feb 2008 15:21:05 +0000]
defend devel_themer against zend optimizer shittiness.

6 years agoanother minor .install fix 6.x-1.3
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 23:30:30 +0000]
another minor .install fix

6 years agofix minor syntax error in devel.install 6.x-0.2 6.x-1.2
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 22:21:09 +0000]
fix minor syntax error in devel.install

6 years ago#222484 by Sutharsan. drupal_mail_wrapper language object error 6.x-1.1
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:42:22 +0000]
#222484 by Sutharsan. drupal_mail_wrapper language object error

6 years agoadd update function to create our run cron menu link
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:38:53 +0000]
add update function to create our run cron menu link

6 years agocreate menu link for run cron with devel as owning module. also is not that...
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:26:11 +0000]
create menu link for run cron with devel as owning module. also is not that smart. it does not use the module column for uninstall. thats a bug IMO. anyway, i worked around this in devel_uninstall().

6 years ago#220974 user_access() does not exist
moshe weitzman [Sun, 17 Feb 2008 15:54:55 +0000]
#220974 user_access() does not exist

6 years agodon't put untranslated strings into menu_custom table. menu.install gets this wrong...
moshe weitzman [Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:18:54 +0000]
don't put untranslated strings into menu_custom table. menu.install gets this wrong, i believe.

6 years agoenrich ddebug_backtrace() so it has meaningful keys
moshe weitzman [Sat, 9 Feb 2008 03:29:21 +0000]
enrich ddebug_backtrace() so it has meaningful keys

6 years ago#209929 theme_render_template warning. patch by dvessel.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:38:51 +0000]
#209929 theme_render_template warning. patch by dvessel.

6 years agoremove custom menu during uninstall.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:38:09 +0000]
remove custom menu during uninstall.

6 years agothe return of 'run cron' menu link
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:20:18 +0000]
the return of  'run cron' menu link

6 years agoadd node access summary link to devel custom menu
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:06:04 +0000]
add node access summary link to devel custom menu

6 years agoadd destination querystrings to more menu links.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:02:43 +0000]
add destination querystrings to more menu links.

6 years agoremove hook_menu_link_alter(). it was not needed. use hook_menu() instead.
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 04:52:59 +0000]
remove hook_menu_link_alter(). it was not needed. use hook_menu() instead.

6 years agouse krumo() in session viewer and pretty up name/id presentation. if you haven't...
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 04:23:04 +0000]
use krumo() in session viewer and pretty up name/id presentation. if you haven't installed krumo() into your devel module, you are missing out. See the README. D6 only, until someone cares to backport.

6 years agoadd early support for dynamic querystring on menu items. only cache clear menu item...
moshe weitzman [Wed, 6 Feb 2008 04:09:46 +0000]
add early support for dynamic querystring on menu items. only cache clear menu item for now.

6 years agocreate the menu itself in hook_update_n
moshe weitzman [Tue, 5 Feb 2008 19:20:48 +0000]
create the menu itself in hook_update_n