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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2007-12-27 Tony MobilyAdded warning file
2007-12-27 Tony MobilyDeleted things so that nobody uses HEAD
2007-12-27 Tony MobilyMeh
2007-12-27 Tony MobilyAdded hook so that section cache recalc happens automat...
2007-12-26 Tony MobilyPartial rewrite so that it uses the Voting API
2007-12-15 Tony Mobily#200837 (thanks rek2), and put the importer in a differ...
2007-12-06 Tony MobilyFixed nasty bug in the submit-as section
2007-12-05 Tony MobilyVariable name fix - minor
2007-12-05 Tony MobilyMajor bug in auto-voting fixed
2007-12-03 Tony MobilyFixed bug, the order of the RSS feed was incorrect...
2007-12-02 Tony MobilyMany fixes in the autovoting mechanism, which now actua...
2007-12-02 Tony MobilyThe Javascript box is now much more powerful
2007-12-01 Tony MobilyMore bug fixing, more developing, more rewriting. RC3
2007-11-30 Tony MobilySeveral bug fixes. Will this be it?
2007-11-26 Tony MobilyFixed default template so that it doesn't need template...
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