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last changeMon, 10 Sep 2012 14:16:48 +0000
2012-09-10 Peter PhilippIssue #1779020 by theduke: Invalid match for "Using... 7.x-1.x
2012-09-01 Peter PhilippRemoved superfluous whitespaces in the ruleset.xml
2012-08-31 Klaus PurerIssue #1735188: throw a warning instead of an error...
2012-08-20 Peter PhilippIssue #1730274 by greggles: Warn of potential security... 7.x-1.0
2012-08-07 Klaus PurerAdded language construct spacing sniff from Squiz to...
2012-08-07 naquahIssue #1716000 by naquah: Fixed Drush command fails...
2012-08-07 naquahIssue #1716008 by naquah: Fixed Function name misspelling.
2012-08-04 Klaus PurerFixed reference to deleted OperatorSpacingSniff.
2012-08-04 Klaus PurerIssue #1665116: Fixed Inconsistent reporting of missing...
2012-08-04 Klaus PurerRemoved our own OperatorSpacing sniff and referenced...
2012-08-04 Klaus PurerIssue #1707070: Fixed function comment sniff throws...
2012-07-28 Klaus PurerAdded lower case PHP function sniff from Squiz.
2012-07-16 Klaus PurerUpdated closing brace sniff from PEAR standard.
2012-07-14 Klaus PurerReplaced operator spacing sniff with a modified copy...
2012-06-22 Klaus PurerAdded a sniff for upper case language keywords, i.e... 7.x-1.0-beta1
2012-06-09 Klaus PurerAdded a comment why we want to have the info file.
19 months ago 7.x-1.0
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