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last changeThu, 3 Apr 2014 21:44:32 +0000
13 days ago Jonathan HedstromClone 8.x directly as tarballs appear too unstable. master
13 days ago Jonathan HedstromTest on PHP 5.5 and 5.4.
13 days ago Jonathan HedstromMerge pull request #24 from tanarurkerem/master
13 days ago Jonathan HedstromPull 8.x from HEAD.
13 days ago berdirIssue #2229747 by Berdir: [d8] settings() has been...
2014-03-31 gregglesIssue #2228345 by greggles: Add support for drush comma...
2014-03-19 Jonathan HedstromD8 testing continues to be flaky.
2014-03-19 Jonathan HedstromLink to form element visibility gist.
2014-03-19 Jonathan HedstromAdding link to Achievements module snippet.
2014-03-07 Jonathan Hedstrom@wip for failing d8.
2014-03-07 Jonathan HedstromDrush cannotcreate nodes.
2014-03-07 Jonathan HedstromInstall HTTPServer for drush.
2014-03-06 Jonathan HedstromCreate both mysql dbs under the travis user.
2014-03-06 Jonathan HedstromSet sendmail_path to null before site install.
2014-03-06 Jonathan HedstromInstall drush with composer.
2014-03-06 Jonathan HedstromUpdate Drupal 8 version.
3 months ago v0.1.5
4 months ago v0.1.4
5 months ago v0.1.3
6 months ago v0.1.2
20 months ago v0.1.1
20 months ago v0.1.0
13 days ago master