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last changeTue, 25 Sep 2012 01:02:10 +0000
2012-09-25 Mike StewartNEW update for beta1 image. Fixes: sudoers permissions... 7.x-3.x master
2012-09-25 Mike StewartFIX sendmail setup
2012-09-24 Mike StewartADD zenity prompt to warn and allow user to abort
2012-09-16 Mike StewartUPDATE default config - don't install etckeeper
2012-09-16 Mike StewartUPDATE Aptana version
2012-07-26 Mike StewartADD missing installs
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX typo
2012-07-26 Mike StewartREMOVE testlock -- forgot to hit save in editor. dang...
2012-07-26 Mike StewartREMOVE testlock and restructure installation and config...
2012-07-26 Mike StewartREPLACE waits with a function to test for locks
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX git config settings. add some wait's for installation
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX new_indicators reference on install line (needs...
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX removing Pictures Folder
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX indicator reference
2012-07-26 Mike StewartFIX logic test to install indicators
2012-07-26 Mike StewartUPDATE defaults to install extra indicators
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3 years ago 7.x-0.9beta1
3 years ago 7.x-0.9
18 months ago 7.x-3.x
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