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last changeFri, 28 Mar 2014 13:48:19 +0000
2014-03-28 Jeremy ThorsonAdded ricardoamaro to authorized testbot keys master
2014-03-23 Randy FayImprove - it was sending emails when...
2014-03-23 Randy FayDowngrade of git requires force-yes
2014-03-23 Randy FayAdd squeeze.sources.list back in, as we need it for...
2014-03-23 Randy FayAdd cleanup that sends out email with corrected hostname
2014-03-21 Randy FayAdd beejeebus pubkey to root's pubkeys
2014-03-21 Randy FayClean up after my mistake with modules_enabled
2014-03-21 Randy FayBozoed mods-available
2014-03-21 Randy FayAPC upgrade fails when apc.ini is a file.
2014-03-21 Randy FayPush an apt-get upgrade to move to newer php
2014-03-21 Randy FayImprove management of the drush_commit so we have the...
2014-03-21 Randy FayMake sure that all testbots are running PIFR 6.x-3.x
2014-03-21 Randy FayChange drush install to include composer, as it is...
2014-03-21 Randy FayChange pinning to be just to the major version (5.4...
2014-03-21 Randy FayChange default php version to 5.4
2014-02-05 Jeremy ThorsonRe-enabling firewall
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