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[project/drush.git] / drush.bat
b273713c 1@echo off
b2cf9ad5 2rem Drush automatically determines the user's home directory by checking for
3rem HOME or HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH environment variables, and the temporary
4rem directory by checking for TEMP, TMP, or WINDIR environment variables.
5rem The home path is used for caching Drush commands and the git --reference
6rem cache. The temporary directory is used by various commands, including
7rem package manager for downloading projects.
8rem You may want to specify a path that is not user-specific here; e.g., to
9rem keep cache files on the same filesystem, or to share caches with other
10rem users.
12rem set HOME=H:/drush
13rem set TEMP=H:/drush
e4726287 15REM See for more information.
8375348e 16@php.exe "%~dp0drush.php" --php="php.exe" %*