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2012-07-19 Ishmael SanchezFix overflow issue, add table row styling, and update... 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.1
2012-07-19 Ishmael SanchezUse CSS3 for rounded corners instead of images
2012-05-17 Ishmael SanchezIssue #1586380 by mike.roberts: fix div closing order
2012-03-23 Ishmael SanchezAdd support for Sass and add compiled CSS files #1490546
2012-03-20 Ishmael SanchezUpdate to readme text
2012-03-10 Ishmael SanchezFix Drupal coding standards
2012-03-10 ishAdd fix for admin toolbar
2011-12-22 Ishmael SanchezAdd hidden region support
2011-11-14 Ishmael SanchezAdd base styles for mobile devices 7.x-1.0
2011-11-14 Ishmael SanchezAdd viewport meta tag
2011-09-13 Ishmael SanchezRefine font-size styles
2011-09-13 Ishmael SanchezHave variables pass by reference
2011-08-25 Ishmael SanchezAdd check for node object #1256902 reported by superrookie
2011-08-24 Ishmael SanchezRemove debugging that was accidently committed
2011-08-24 Ishmael SanchezRefine to styles and page template suggestions
2011-03-12 Ishmael SanchezFix comment layout #684096
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