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last changeTue, 21 Feb 2012 14:06:12 +0000
2012-02-21 Gordon HeydonRemove everything from the master branch master
2011-04-16 Gordon Heydon* remove hook_exit() and use new method to disable...
2011-04-16 Gordon Heydon* Fix up issue with checkout for anonymous users w...
2011-04-02 Gordon Heydon* Change all clear-block to clearfix
2011-03-13 Gordon HeydonStart fixing up the cart layout
2011-03-13 Gordon HeydonClean up the issue with populating the cart.
2011-03-13 Gordon HeydonFix up loading of cart items
2011-03-12 Gordon HeydonFix up the template sugestions
2011-03-11 Gordon HeydonFix up the adding of the cart options to the cart form
2011-03-11 Gordon HeydonFix up loading of cart information
2011-03-11 Gordon HeydonFix up calls to ec_product_form_is_product()
2011-03-11 Gordon HeydonFix up the displaying of price on the product page
2011-03-11 Gordon HeydonFix up the displaying of the add to cart form
2011-03-10 Gordon HeydonFix up labeling of products when th enode is a product
2011-03-10 Gordon HeydonMake special option fieldset only display be displayed...
2011-03-10 Gordon HeydonFix up issue with special options fieldset not displaying
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