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last changeSat, 31 Mar 2012 19:47:02 +0000
2012-03-31 Sean DaguePush the selection criteria inside a fieldset 6.x-1.x 6.x-1.16
2012-03-31 Sean DagueAdd a node filter to epublish so that only nodes of...
2012-03-17 Sean Dagueadd a test to get use generating some sane xml for...
2012-03-17 Sean Daguemake epublish_section tests actually create some basic...
2011-12-19 Sean DagueFix issue #1325682 - Publication page shows current... 6.x-1.15
2011-11-08 Sean Dagueremove .cvsignore
2011-11-01 Sean DagueRevert "add epublish dynamic block"
2011-10-27 Sean Dagueadd epublish dynamic block
2011-10-10 Sean Daguewe are only getting the count, order is not important
2011-09-07 Sean Dagueadd additional space before $timeframe (thanks leonardw... 6.x-1.14
2011-09-07 Sean Daguewe weren't using the right option value for automatic...
2011-09-07 Sean DagueAuthor: Leonard Westermeyer <leonardwestermeyer@gmail...
2011-09-07 Sean DagueAuthor: Leonard Westermeyer <leonardwestermeyer@gmail...
2011-09-02 Sean DagueFix simple test edition code to be less random on when...
2011-09-02 Sean DagueIssue #1253732 by leonardwestermeyer: Here's a third...
2011-09-02 Sean DagueIssue #1253732 by leonardwestermeyer: Here's the second...
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