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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2010-06-25 Mike Crittendenfix for status page 6.x-1.0-alpha2
2010-06-25 Mike Crittendena few views tweaks and some fixes for weird fieldset...
2010-06-25 Mike Crittendenremove js/evolution.js and move it to root
2010-06-25 Mike Crittendenremove old images, tweak some stuff, add screenshot...
2010-06-24 Mike Crittendenhuge commit with tons of tweaks, changes, testing 6.x-1.0-alpha1
2010-06-19 Mike Crittendena few style changes, add
2010-06-15 ChristefanoInitial commit.
3 years ago 6.x-1.0-alpha2
3 years ago 6.x-1.0-alpha1
3 years ago master
3 years ago 6.x-1.x