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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2010-05-26 Isaac SukinAccidentally overwrote default argument settings in...
2010-05-26 Isaac Sukin#808512 Twitter Clone using Facebook Style Statuses...
2010-05-24 Isaac SukinDisplay the "processing" spinning wheel above refreshab...
2010-05-21 Isaac SukinRemoved stray comment that was no longer accurate after...
2010-05-21 Isaac SukinFixed broken handler in default views
2010-05-20 Isaac SukinAdded context-sensitive instructions for admin on getti...
2010-05-20 Isaac SukinAdded a "has a tag [of type]" filter to FBSS Views
2010-05-18 Isaac Sukin#743904 Trouble Displaying Poster Picture in Activity...
2010-05-12 Isaac SukinAdded a Views field for Tag Name that can show multiple...
2010-05-10 Isaac SukinAdded the ability to have RSS feeds of statuses
2010-04-15 Isaac Sukin#722124 let admin send messages to all
2010-04-11 Isaac SukinMade it possible to attach elements to the status updat...
2009-11-14 Isaac SukinRemoved minor cruft in facebook_status_save_status()
2009-11-08 Isaac SukinFixed theme('facebook_status_form_display') displaying...
2009-10-11 Isaac SukinAdded "re-post" links for others' self messages
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