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2013-07-08 Rafal#440182 by simplekid: Fix for: Sometimes website genera... master
2013-07-08 Rafal#167812: fix for new directories created as read only...
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2007-07-30 moshe weitzmancache_clear_all again
2007-07-30 moshe weitzmanmore work on cache_clear_all()
2007-07-30 moshe weitzmanfix typo in install file
2007-07-30 moshe weitzmanstart getting cache clear functions to understand about...
2007-07-30 moshe weitzman#82738 use subdirs for each letter/number. patch by...
2007-07-28 moshe weitzmanthis version should actually work. we now print the...
2007-07-27 moshe weitzman#109547. ported to D5.. patch by moshe weitzman, with...
2006-08-26 Matt Westgate#80791 - cleanup installation instructions
2006-08-26 Matt Westgate#45414 - File-based caching module co-maintained by...
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