by Dave Cohen: better JS handling when FB does not callback getLoginStatus
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2011-03-17 Dave Cohennumerous changes from D6 branch upgraded to D7
2011-01-08 Dave Cohen#795134 by Dave Cohen, aangel: Initial (partial) upgrad...
2010-10-01 Dave Cohenchanges to text of .info files 6.x-3.0-beta1
2010-05-05 Dave Cohendisabled some modules not yet ported to new libs
2009-11-24 Dave Cohenre-organized admin/build/module groupings. Moved some...
2009-03-05 Dave Cohen#235457 by Dave Cohen; initial upgrade to Drupal 6
2009-02-05 Dave CohenRenamed Drupal for Facebook package. Cleaned up info...
2007-09-26 Dave CohenInitial checkin of Drupal for Facebook modules.