fixes: #1166272 by Dave Cohen, John Klehm: support for facebooks oauth 2. Mostly...
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2011-10-01 Dave Cohenfixes: #1166272 by Dave Cohen, John Klehm: support...
2011-09-02 Dave Cohenmultiple fixes ported from 6.x branch.
2011-07-30 Dave CohenNumerous changes from 6.x branch merged into 7.x.
2011-06-22 Dave Cohennumerous changes from the 6.x branch. Brings this...
2011-05-24 Dave Cohennumerous changes from 6.x branch moved to 7,x branch.
2011-03-22 Dave CohenSeveral changes that went into 6.x-3.0-rc11 ported...
2011-03-17 Dave Cohennumerous changes from D6 branch upgraded to D7
2011-01-08 Dave Cohen#795134 by Dave Cohen, aangel: Initial (partial) upgrad...
2010-11-09 Dave Cohencorrect url
2010-11-04 Dave CohenNote for idiots
2010-11-02 Dave Cohenremoved trailing spaces
2010-10-20 Dave Coheninclude link to troubleshooting page.
2010-10-11 Dave CohenYet another note about problems caused by Global Redirect.
2010-10-04 Dave Cohenimproved text and comments
2010-10-03 Dave Cohenremoved php tags, as it confused some newcomers.
2010-09-07 Dave Cohenminor clarification
2010-08-18 Dave Cohenclean up comments in readme
2010-07-26 Dave Cohencomment cleanup
2010-05-05 Dave Cohennow 3.0 branch
2010-04-10 Dave Cohensettings now understands fb_connect_primary_apikey...
2010-04-04 Dave Cohendoc update
2010-01-15 Dave Cohencomment to help Facebook Connect users
2009-11-24 Dave Cohenre-organized admin/build/module groupings. Moved some...
2009-11-09 Dave Cohentesting
2009-05-11 Dave Cohenminor comment edits
2009-04-28 Dave Cohenmore verbose comment about json methods
2009-04-14 Dave CohenAdded note about JSON extension for PHP.
2009-03-18 Dave CohenCorrected branch label, removed 5.x-specific comment
2009-03-10 Dave CohenCorrected CVS TAG
2009-03-05 Dave Cohen#235457 by Dave Cohen; initial upgrade to Drupal 6
2009-03-05 Dave Cohentesting
2009-03-02 Dave CohenMisc doc cleanup
2009-02-05 Dave CohenAutomatically set properties when application is saved.
2009-01-14 Dave Cohen#355577
2008-11-18 Dave Cohenimproved (?) documentation
2008-09-26 Dave CohenAdded comments about a required patch
2008-08-01 Dave CohenAdded a note about upgrading from earlier version of...
2008-07-31 Dave CohenThis branch (version 2.x) now using the newer API from...
2008-07-16 Dave CohenFixed a minor typo.
2008-04-07 Dave CohenNumerous changes to Drupal for Facebook. Significant...
2008-03-27 Dave CohenSet custom theme earlier in request cycle (hook_init...
2008-03-18 Dave CohenMinor improvements to README
2007-12-12 Dave CohenUpdated readme and include links to online documentation.
2007-11-20 Dave Cohenfixed reference to wrong module directory in README.txt
2007-10-26 Dave CohenNow using php4 client libraries, even if running php5...
2007-10-04 Dave Cohenchanged directory from facebook to fb
2007-09-26 Dave CohenInitial checkin of FBML theme. Part of Drupal for...
2007-09-26 Dave CohenInitial checkin of Drupal for Facebook modules.