2010-12-30 Dave Cohen#1009300: support for channel 6.x-3.0-rc5
2010-12-28 Dave Cohen#975832: do not alter user add form
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenremove spaces 6.x-3.0-rc4
2010-12-28 Dave CohenLearn canvas path when syncing properties
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenurl option fb_canvas can now select a specific applicat...
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenhelpful comment
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenimproved error detection in fb_call_method().
2010-12-23 Dave Cohentrack down problems with ajax calls
2010-12-23 Dave Cohenclean up values on submit
2010-12-23 Dave CohenNo more checking all cookies
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenfix problem with invite submit
2010-12-20 Dave Coheninclude profile tab status
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenre-order form elements, id before apikey
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenwrap include facebook.php in try...catch
2010-12-16 Dave Cohen#994876 by rurri: avoid duplicate entry
2010-12-16 Dave CohenInitial implementation of helpers for test accounts
2010-12-16 Dave CohenInitial implementation of support for registration...
2010-12-16 Dave Cohen#1000064: fb_example should not depend on fb_canvas
2010-12-16 Dave Cohenfix code where $fb_app was used, but not set.
2010-12-16 Dave Cohena signed_request no longer means a canvas page.
2010-12-10 Dave Cohencoder cleanup 6.x-3.0-rc3
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#907706 by ckng: integration with rules.module
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#907706 by ckng: invoke hooks when user connects/discon...
2010-12-10 Dave Cohenhook_init example shows how to avoid drupal's access...
2010-12-10 Dave Cohenminor changes to messages and doc
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#701982 by mcpuddin: support fragments in reload_url...
2010-12-02 Dave CohenReport error when fail to set app properties.
2010-12-01 Dave Cohentest for fb_user only when fb_user.module installed 6.x-3.0-rc2
2010-12-01 Dave Cohencosmetic change to order on user profile
2010-12-01 Dave Cohenfix label undefined
2010-12-01 Dave Cohensuddenly facebook needs default text for connect buttons.
2010-12-01 Dave Cohenminor comment fix
2010-11-23 Dave Cohenavoid PHP error
2010-11-23 Dave Cohenremove authenticated user from options, and more carefu...
2010-11-23 Dave Cohen#979502 by a_c_m, Dave Cohen: session save handler...
2010-11-14 Dave Cohen#963312: filter to zero nodes if no friends found. 6.x-3.0-rc1
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenexamples of redirection and canvas processing
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenwarning about temporary role
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenupdate comments
2010-11-14 Dave CohenUse _fb_js_fbu even when fbu is not known (0)
2010-11-11 Dave Cohenfb_js_settings() gives third-party modules a way to...
2010-11-11 Dave Cohenmoved user-specific ops out of hook_fb and into hook_fb...
2010-11-11 Dave Cohencheck session only when logged in
2010-11-09 Dave Cohencookies may be set even when third-party cookies disabled.
2010-11-09 Dave Cohenshow session check even if it succeeds.
2010-11-09 Dave Cohenonlogin attribute was a bad idea.
2010-11-09 Dave CohenMoved reload logic away from fb.module and into fb.js.
2010-11-09 Dave Cohencorrect url
2010-11-05 Dave Cohenimproved session handling on connect login
2010-11-05 Dave Cohenlogic fix and no need to call session_write_close
2010-11-05 Dave Cohencosmetic and doc
2010-11-04 Dave Cohen#847290: improved fb_tab support, esp custom configuration.
2010-11-04 Dave CohenNote for idiots
2010-11-02 Dave Cohenremoved trailing spaces
2010-11-02 Dave Cohenupdates to invite blocks to use the more recent, more...
2010-11-02 Dave Cohenwork in progress on fb_tab. Helper to support per...
2010-11-02 Dave Cohenattempt to work around third-party cookie issue by...
2010-11-02 Dave Cohendisable console.log as it was generating errors
2010-10-30 Dave Cohen#614260: cookie domain that works with AHAH.
2010-10-29 Dave Cohen#907368: update status report check
2010-10-29 Dave CohenAdd edge.create to events which trigger ajax callback.
2010-10-29 Dave Coheninclude uid in user info query
2010-10-29 Dave Cohen#929442 by alexku, Dave Cohen: cleaned up fb_users_getI...
2010-10-29 Dave Cohencoder module code review
2010-10-29 Dave Cohenconsistent capitalization and misc tweaks to text.
2010-10-29 Dave Cohen#916084 by ckng, Dave Cohen: Easy to show faceobok...
2010-10-28 Dave Cohenfix php notice and add debug output to tabs.
2010-10-28 Dave CohenOnly show enabled themes on canvas and tab selectors.
2010-10-28 Dave CohenHonor destination parameter when reloading
2010-10-21 Dave Cohencontrol to suppress redirect on login. 6.x-3.0-beta3
2010-10-21 Dave CohenUse javascript to handle login and logout links.
2010-10-21 Dave Cohen#893094: removed create_listing
2010-10-20 Dave CohenCall it an API because someone really complained about...
2010-10-20 Dave Cohenby aangel, Dave Cohen: improved tab support by storing...
2010-10-20 Dave Cohenmade fb_canvas_process compatible with fb_tab.
2010-10-20 Dave Cohenminor text changes
2010-10-20 Dave Cohen#591410: logout via redirection to facebook logout.php
2010-10-20 Dave Cohenphp notice fix and indentation
2010-10-20 Dave Coheninclude link to troubleshooting page.
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenfixed bug where fb_tab.module prevented canvas pages...
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenfb_friend table and hooks help manage invites. 6.x-3.0-beta2
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenby aangel, Dave Cohen: fixes and improvements, New...
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenremoved debug output
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenby aangel, Dave Cohen: add parameter to event callback...
2010-10-16 Dave Cohenconvenience function to display complex message
2010-10-15 Dave Cohenfixed app identification on profile tabs.
2010-10-15 Dave Cohengrab defaults for contact page
2010-10-15 Dave Cohenfixed logic to avoid errors when $_fb undefined
2010-10-13 Dave Cohendelete obsolete code
2010-10-13 Dave Cohenrestored checks involving app properties
2010-10-13 Dave Cohen#938844: remove alert from javascript.
2010-10-11 Dave Cohen#931660: honor $options['fb_canvas'] to explicitly...
2010-10-11 Dave Cohen#932174 by csg, Dave Cohen: use facebook's default...
2010-10-11 Dave Cohendocument a todo task
2010-10-11 Dave Cohenchanged _fb_js_fbu param to avoid confict with "fb_...
2010-10-11 Dave Cohen#937172 by stieglitz, Dave Cohen: propagate misspelled
2010-10-11 Dave CohenYet another note about problems caused by Global Redirect.
2010-10-11 Dave Cohen#931660 by e2thex, Dave Cohen: disable url rewriting...
2010-10-11 Dave Cohennew funciton fb_get_uid() learns a user's local account...
2010-10-11 Dave Cohenminor cleanup.