2011-04-01 Dave Cohencookies now based on ID, not APIKEY
2011-04-01 Dave CohenCheck login status on all requests. Important for...
2011-04-01 Dave Cohenlet session drop when logging out
2011-03-19 Dave Cohenremoved deprecated functions 6.x-3.0-rc11
2011-03-19 Dave CohenUse slightly cleaner ?fbu= instead of really ugly ...
2011-03-19 Dave CohenAdd index, for sorting by last cron update
2011-03-19 Dave Cohen#1022932: hopefully fixes the never logout problem
2011-03-19 Dave Cohen#1097966: oauth error in fb_permission
2011-03-19 Dave Cohen#1075680: fix oauth error on contact page
2011-03-17 Dave Cohenmisc fix and text changes 6.x-3.0-rc10
2011-03-17 Dave Cohensupport json encoded events (real-time updates)
2011-03-17 Dave Cohenlook up access token for non-logged in users
2011-03-17 Dave Cohensupport delete test accounts
2011-03-15 Dave Cohenbranch name change
2011-03-14 Dave Cohenmoved module real name to description. makes modules... 6.x-3.0-rc9
2011-03-14 Dave Cohen#1063240: possible fix, specify appId (and also apiKey...
2011-03-10 Dave Cohenremoved fb_actions.module, thought it was already removed
2011-03-10 Dave Cohen#1060206 by vikasbucha, Dave Cohen: pass access_token...
2011-03-10 Dave CohenCall to fb->api() needs access_token
2011-03-10 Dave Cohen#1085754: ignore ssl cert errors on facebook.
2011-03-10 Dave Cohenuse data[header] when data[summary] does not exist
2011-03-10 Dave Cohenmisc edits, added several urls
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-02-23 Dave Cohensilly code error, prevented connect from working withou...
2011-02-23 Dave Cohenvisual feedback when reloading
2011-02-23 Dave Cohendescriptions max 255 chars.
2011-02-23 Dave Cohen#1000694: get mail variable right.
2011-02-23 Dave CohenClean up db code, avoid unique constraint violation.
2011-02-23 Dave Cohen#1066486 by Dave Cohen, Agileware: pass token to fql...
2011-02-16 Dave Cohen#1018044: translate strings
2011-02-16 Dave Cohen#1059746: fix for profile pics
2011-02-10 Dave Cohen#1050494: no javascript on FBML tabs 6.x-3.0-rc8
2011-02-10 Dave Cohenpermission sql requires app token. Also misc cleanup.
2011-02-10 Dave Cohenadded try..catch
2011-02-10 Dave Cohenload JS sdk async.
2011-02-10 Dave Cohenphp notices
2011-01-31 Dave Cohen#813222: use script tag instead of jQuery.getScript().
2011-01-31 Dave Cohen#905164: wrap fb_sql_query in try..catch
2011-01-25 Dave Cohen#1034222: initialize facebook js asynchronously, in...
2011-01-08 Dave CohenThis is now the 3.x branch for D6.
2011-01-08 Dave Cohenit helps to initialize values before using them.
2011-01-08 Dave Coheninitialize JS properly even when no primary app.
2011-01-06 Dave Cohenminor tweaks and cleanup 6.x-3.0-rc7
2011-01-06 Dave Cohen#867242: now query permissions dynamically
2011-01-06 Dave Cohencontrib/fb_actions.module
2011-01-06 Dave Cohenremoved fb_register.module
2011-01-06 Dave Cohencoder module review, and php warnings
2011-01-06 Dave Cohenfixed two javascsript errors
2011-01-06 Dave CohenOption to skip server-side session check. 6.x-3.0-rc6
2011-01-06 Dave Cohen#860930: A bunch of changes intended to better support...
2011-01-06 Dave Cohenprocess content portion of page.
2011-01-04 Dave Cohen#575788 by derjochenmeyer: delete blocks on uninstall
2011-01-04 Dave Cohen#943462: delete varaibles explicitly on uninstall
2011-01-04 Dave Cohenfb_get_token() replaces fb_access_token()
2011-01-04 Dave Cohen#1011328: exclude friends who have already installed
2011-01-04 Dave Cohendisable checkbox when connected
2011-01-04 Dave Cohentry..catch for error handling
2010-12-30 Dave Cohen#1009300: support for channel 6.x-3.0-rc5
2010-12-28 Dave Cohen#975832: do not alter user add form
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenremove spaces 6.x-3.0-rc4
2010-12-28 Dave CohenLearn canvas path when syncing properties
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenurl option fb_canvas can now select a specific applicat...
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenhelpful comment
2010-12-28 Dave Cohenimproved error detection in fb_call_method().
2010-12-23 Dave Cohentrack down problems with ajax calls
2010-12-23 Dave Cohenclean up values on submit
2010-12-23 Dave CohenNo more checking all cookies
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenfix problem with invite submit
2010-12-20 Dave Coheninclude profile tab status
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenre-order form elements, id before apikey
2010-12-20 Dave Cohenwrap include facebook.php in try...catch
2010-12-16 Dave Cohen#994876 by rurri: avoid duplicate entry
2010-12-16 Dave CohenInitial implementation of helpers for test accounts
2010-12-16 Dave CohenInitial implementation of support for registration...
2010-12-16 Dave Cohen#1000064: fb_example should not depend on fb_canvas
2010-12-16 Dave Cohenfix code where $fb_app was used, but not set.
2010-12-16 Dave Cohena signed_request no longer means a canvas page.
2010-12-10 Dave Cohencoder cleanup 6.x-3.0-rc3
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#907706 by ckng: integration with rules.module
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#907706 by ckng: invoke hooks when user connects/discon...
2010-12-10 Dave Cohenhook_init example shows how to avoid drupal's access...
2010-12-10 Dave Cohenminor changes to messages and doc
2010-12-10 Dave Cohen#701982 by mcpuddin: support fragments in reload_url...
2010-12-02 Dave CohenReport error when fail to set app properties.
2010-12-01 Dave Cohentest for fb_user only when fb_user.module installed 6.x-3.0-rc2
2010-12-01 Dave Cohencosmetic change to order on user profile
2010-12-01 Dave Cohenfix label undefined
2010-12-01 Dave Cohensuddenly facebook needs default text for connect buttons.
2010-12-01 Dave Cohenminor comment fix
2010-11-23 Dave Cohenavoid PHP error
2010-11-23 Dave Cohenremove authenticated user from options, and more carefu...
2010-11-23 Dave Cohen#979502 by a_c_m, Dave Cohen: session save handler...
2010-11-14 Dave Cohen#963312: filter to zero nodes if no friends found. 6.x-3.0-rc1
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenexamples of redirection and canvas processing
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenwarning about temporary role
2010-11-14 Dave Cohenupdate comments
2010-11-14 Dave CohenUse _fb_js_fbu even when fbu is not known (0)
2010-11-11 Dave Cohenfb_js_settings() gives third-party modules a way to...
2010-11-11 Dave Cohenmoved user-specific ops out of hook_fb and into hook_fb...
2010-11-11 Dave Cohencheck session only when logged in