2010-09-29 Alex BarthMerge in changes from
2010-09-20 Alex BarthMake title conditional.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthBody is a field now.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthFix call order: recent introduction of file_path in...
2010-09-20 Alex BarthFix deleting.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthMake sure title does not print twice.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthFix file representation on upload form.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthFix file extension validation.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthFix a notice.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthNo use for realpath anymore.
2010-09-20 Alex BarthUpgrade file handling.
2010-09-19 Alex BarthFix query.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUse article as default content type for common operations.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthConvert #value to #markup where required.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthKill a notice.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthHide bullet points.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthRecover lost subclasses on containers.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUm, brokes. Converts.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUm, brokes. Converts.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthAdd CSS.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix query.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthRemove 'has_body'.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix drupal_system_listing().
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUpdate README.txt.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUse drupal_render_children() to avert disaster.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthConvert user_load().
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix notice.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthAdd a todo.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix fact that feeds_get_form() returns an array now.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix call to theme_feeds_ui_container.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthFix warnings on run time pass by reference.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthRemove left over .
2010-09-18 Alex BarthIt's implode() :P
2010-09-18 Alex BarthGet ctools_dependent_process() out of the way for now.
2010-09-18 Alex BarthUse #markup.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthAdjust all pointers to admin/build/feeds to admin/struc...
2010-09-17 Alex BarthFix calls to db_query_range().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpdate paths, convert ctools_static().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthFix description permissions.'
2010-09-17 Alex BarthDelete duplicate feeds_taxonomy_term_delete().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthDeclare configuration path.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert form callbacks, some theme function updates.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert form callbacks, some theme function updates.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert feeds_theme().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpgrade all calls to theme(), upgrade feeds_ui_theme().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthLimit access to filter formats.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert file_check_directory().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpgrade drupal_get_form().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert drupal_http_request().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthRemove hook_taxonomy(), add an isset().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUse hook_taxonomy_term_N(), half ass change to term...
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUse DRUPAL_ROOT.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpdate comment.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert hook_nodeapi() to hook_node_X().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthGot it wrong the first time.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUse 'Implements' instead of 'Implementation of'
2010-09-17 Alex BarthNewline at end of file.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpgrade hook_permission().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpgrade use of filter_fallback_format().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert use of theme('table').
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert node_get_types().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert node_get_types().
2010-09-17 Alex BarthConvert class strings to class arrays.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthUpdate overview page's theme.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthMore DB query updates.
2010-09-17 Alex BarthSwitch back to using a simple db_query() style select...
2010-09-17 Alex BarthMore query conversions.
2010-09-16 Alex BarthSpecify profile in FeedsWebTestCase.
2010-09-16 Alex BarthUpgrade all queries. I am sure there are plenty that...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthRenamed feeds_ctools_plugin_plugins() to feeds_ctools_p...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthConvert delete queries, some select queries, remove...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthRemove data tests.
2010-09-16 Alex BarthVery basic conversion. Feeds, Feeds Admin UI can be...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthPrepare release log for committing Drupal 7 code.
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#623432 Alex UA, dixon_, pvhee, cglusky, alex_b et...
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#913672 andrewlevine: Break out CSV Parser into submeth...
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#853974 snoldak924, alex_b: Fix XSS vulnerabilities...
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#913072 alevine, alex_b: Clarify actions after installi...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthImport on 'submission' is more accurate.
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#887846 ekes: Make FeedsSimplePieEnclosure (un)serializ...
2010-09-16 Alex Barth#908582 XiaN Vizjereij, alex_b: Fix 'Cannot use object...
2010-09-16 Alex BarthRemove feeds scheduler, obsolete.
2010-09-15 Alex Barth#906654 alex_b: Fix phantom subscriptions.
2010-09-15 Alex Barth#867892 alex_b: PubSubHubbub - slow down import frequen...
2010-09-15 Alex Barth#908964 alex_b: Break out scheduler. Note: Features...
2010-09-15 Alex Barth#663860 funkmasterjones, infojunkie, alex_b et. al...
2010-09-15 Alex Barth#755556 Monkey Master, andrewlevine, alex_b: Support...
2010-09-14 Alex BarthDon't use a period at the end of a message.
2010-09-14 Alex Barth#891982 bangpound, twistor: Support Link 2.x.
2010-09-12 Alex BarthClean up loadSubscription() and make it public, add...
2010-09-12 Alex BarthThrow exception if object is disabled.
2010-09-11 Alex BarthRemove obsolete todos.
2010-09-11 Alex Barth#870278 budda: Fix SQL query in taxonomy_get_term_by_na...
2010-09-11 Alex Barth#795114 budda, alex_b: Taxonomy term processor doesn...
2010-09-10 Alex BarthGet ready for beta 5 release. 6.x-1.0-beta5
2010-09-10 Alex BarthCleanup mapping form generation.
2010-09-10 Alex Barth#849840 adityakg, rbayliss, alex_b: Submit full mapping...
2010-09-10 Alex Barth#849834 rbayliss, alex_b: Generalize feeds_config_form...
2010-09-09 Alex BarthKeep widget under FF under control.
2010-09-09 Alex BarthRemove some air.