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2006-11-29 Wolfgang Zieglerremoved unnecessary if statement, updated README 4.7.x-1.0
2006-11-29 Wolfgang Ziegler#97935: proper clean up the tables if a field or its...
2006-10-23 Wolfgang Ziegleradded an API function
2006-09-27 Wolfgang Zieglerimproved docs a bit
2006-09-08 Wolfgang ZieglerPatch #83068 by havran: fixes installation for PostgreSQL
2006-09-05 Wolfgang Zieglernow a fieldgroup is hidden, if all its fields are hidden.
2006-08-19 Wolfgang Zieglerfixed caching issue with more content types
2006-08-15 Wolfgang Zieglerremoved more tabs
2006-08-15 Wolfgang Zieglerremoved tabs
2006-08-15 Wolfgang Zieglerfixes the query for loading the fields of a group,...
2006-08-15 Wolfgang Zieglerupdated README: the latest CCK doesn't require patching...
2006-08-14 Wolfgang Ziegleradded caching of data
2006-08-14 Wolfgang Ziegleradded note to required patch
2006-08-14 Wolfgang Zieglerinitial import
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